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UK: Who are the Polish cutlers from London?

by Codzienik Feministyczny i Centrum Informacji Anarchistycznej – Translation Tahrir ICN

On Suturday, around 20:30 in London/Tottenham a group of several tens of Polish neonazis and hooligans from ‘United Emmigrants’ attacked an open techno party (in fact it was not just a techno party, but a whole day family event with lots of children and various artists) in Markfield Park. The attackers were repulsed, and then a lot of them arrested. Before they managed to hurt one person with a knife, fortunetelly not serioously.

Tottenham Festival was part of The Music Day event, one of hundreds of linked concerts held around the world on Saturday to “celebrate the universal language of music”. At least a dozen linked events were held in London alone at the weekend. Read the rest of this entry

POLAND: Interview with comrade from Rozbrat collective, Poznan

logo-rozbratBy Blabiush & Leila Al Shami

Poland has a vibrant squat movement with many squats established throughout the country. The oldest squat is Rozbrat, created in 1994 in Poznan, a city in west-central Poland. The squat was established in an old disused warehouse, in a deserted industrial complex. Since 1997, the Anarchist Federation began their activity at Rozbrat. It is a self-organized space that acts as a centre for independent/alternative culture, spreading independent thought and building social consciousness. Like many squats in Europe it has been organizing around the housing crisis and wide-spread evictions of tenants from their homes by banks and speculators, which often leaves people homeless. This is an interview with a comrade from Rozbrat to find out more about their activities and their struggle. Read the rest of this entry

POLAND: Attack on squats in Warsaw during nationalist demonstration

anti-faOn November 11, 2013, two squats in the center of Warsaw were attacked by nationalists and fascists. The squatters resisted successfully. In their declaration the squatters’ collectives explain not only the connection between increasing right wing militancy and the state policies of exploitation and discrimination, they also make clear that a struggle against fascism has to be a struggle of the expoited against capitalism itself. Read the rest of this entry

POLAND: Union Protests in Warsaw, September 11-14

09/15/2013 by ZSP


Over these 4 days, the three largest mainstream unions organized protests in Warsaw as a reaction to changes in the Labour Law and the Act on Trade Unions which, among other things, allow employers to put up to 78-hour weekly schedules for months at a time. The Multi-Branch Union of ZSP in Warsaw (formerly Education and IT) took part in some protests and organized some alternative events. Read the rest of this entry

POLAND: Poland does away with the 8-hour day

15 June 2013 by akai

The avant-garde of neoliberal horrors has finally done away with the 8-hour working day. labor-day-eight-hours








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Who are the Workers in Polish Solidarity and what do they want?

Old article from 1982.

Andrzej Tymowski

Polish workers have made headlines in America since August 1980. Their meteoric success in organizing Solidarity provided catchy copy for the morning papers and dramatic footage for the evening news. Waiesa’s mustache became so familiar that if he would only agree to sell deodorant he’d easily make a million dollars. Read the rest of this entry

POLAND: the-rebirth-of-radical-nationalism-in-poland-welcome-back-to-the-30s


Warsaw – The past days following the Nationalist riots of November 11, 2012 have been a time of solemn reflection for those of us in Poland and our friends watching around the world. We have awoken to a new reality, not in a hyperbolic or theoretical sense, but to a practical new reality of fascist terror on the streets of our cities, escalating exponentially. With burned out apartments, hospitalized anti-fascists, murders, mass nationalist marches through our cities, and now the formation of nationalist militias, and a call to overthrow the republic, we’re asking ourselves, just as our grandparents asked 80 years ago, ‘how could this be happening in our times?’ Read the rest of this entry

POLAND: Huge nationalist demo marks growth of far-right as crisis looms

website of the committee for a workers’ international, CWI

Over 30,000 joined Independence March on 11 November in Warsaw organised by far-right organisations

Paul Newberry, Alternatywa Socjalistyczna (CWI Poland)

On 11 November, Independence Day, one of the largest demonstrations in recent years took place in Poland. Over 30,000 joined the Independence March in Warsaw organised by far-right organisations – ONR (National Radical Camp) and Młodzież Wszechpolska (All-Polish Youth). During the rally, the organisers launched a new unified nationalist organisation, the National Movement, with the declared aim of abolishing the republic. “We will build a force that the leftists and queers fear so much”, threatened Robert Winnicki, leader of the All-Polish Youth. The immediate plans of the National Movement include building and training it’s own paramilitary organisation. Although the organisers claim to be patriots rather than fascists, representatives of the Hungarian neo-fascist Jobbik and other far-right European organisations were present on the march. Both ONR and the All-Poland Youth are well-known for their anti-semitism and racism. Read the rest of this entry

Poland: Tenants’ activities in Poznan in 2011

We may consider the passing year two-way in the domain of tenants’ issues in Poznań. Firstly, it was a breakthrough year, mainly because of developing collaboration with residents of the city. Secondly, growing part of the community has begun to experience raising effects of the economic crisis, tied with antisocial policies of the city hall, as well as they perceived no influence whatsoever over the common budget management.

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