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SYRIA: FSA statement to Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood


This statement is issued by the Free Syrian Army joint leadership, addressed to Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood. Statement published beginning of April 2013.

We hold you responsible for delaying the victory of the revolution and the fragmentation of the opposition Read the rest of this entry

SYRIA: The Syrian people will not kneel, despite threats from outside and within

The people of Syria, nearly two years after the beginning of the revolution, continue to struggle against the criminal and authoritarian regimes for the same objectives: freedom and dignity. This might seem repetitive for some who read often this blog, but it is always important to repeat this permanent truth as the Syrian Revolution has been described increasingly for the past year as a conflict, a civil war or even by the most compliant to the Assad regime or Stalinist ideology as a conspiracy. Read the rest of this entry

SYRIA: An anarchist among jihadists

December 2012

A view from the grassroots of the Syrian revolution. Read the rest of this entry

SYRIA: The Call from Damascus, The Local Coordination Committees in Syria

December 13, 2012

Today, Damascus is living in unprecedented times, as battles in its neighborhoods and outskirts increase in intensity, and progressively approach the heart of the capital, thereby gradually blocking the only remaining lifeline available to the dying regime. Read the rest of this entry

موقف و تأملات حول الجبهة النصرة و أشباهها

من المرجح ان الجماعة السلفية  التي ضربت مرة أخرى في مدينة حماة، الاثنين 5 تشرين الثاني 2012, مسببة قتل أكثر من 50 شخصا، هي جبهة نصرة اهل الشام. وليس هذا أول هجوم للجماعة السلفية المذكورة يسبب قتل العديد من المدنيين و / أو أفراد من الأجهزة الأمنية أو إدارة الدولة. هذه المجموعة لا تزال هامشية، مثل الجماعات السلفية الأخرى، ولكن ازدادت أهميتها بفضل المساعدة المالية المقدمة من دول الخليج، في حين يفتقر مقاتلو الجيش السوري الحر للموارد والتمويل. هذا الدعم الذي تتلقاه الجماعات السلفية المقاتلة يندرج في اطار مسعى دول الخليج الى إفشال الثورة الشعبية واجهاضها و لتحويله إلى حرب طائفية. Read the rest of this entry

Syria: The Revolution Becomes More Islamist

November 2, 2012 § 4 Comments      Author: Robin Yassin-Kassab

Like ‘armed gangs’, armed Islamists are one of the Syrian regime’s self-fulfilling prophecies. Most grassroots organisers and fighters are secularists or moderate Islamists, but the numbers, organisational power and ideological fervor of more extreme and sectarian Islamists are steadily rising. So why is the revolution taking on an increasingly Islamist hue? Here are some points in order of importance. Read the rest of this entry

The FSA: How to Lose Support and Alienate People in No Time

Sep 04 2012

By December 2011, peaceful protests had stopped being confined to Fridays and had become part of our daily life. Regime suppression continued apace, but we felt we had a modicum of safety. In response to regime attacks on peaceful protests, members of the FSA took on the responsibility of protecting the protest movement. Armed with a deep conviction in our revolution rather than any heavy weapons, the embryonic FSA used to keep watch in the alleys and alert us to the coming of regime forces and the shabiha.  Read the rest of this entry