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Work and the free society – Anarchist Federation

Work and the free society - Anarchist Federation

The Anarchist Federation analyse work in modern capitalist society, what is wrong with it and what we can all do to help rectify it. Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: The development of class struggle

Article from 1977

The development of class struggle in Egypt

In-depth analysis of the development of capitalism and class struggle in Egypt, from the 1940s until the 1970s. Contains interesting information about mass wildcat strikes and the 1977 food riots as well as their relationship to national liberation movements in the region. Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: Politicizing Egypt’s economic reform

Posted by Emily Regan Wills – November 29

While the gradual meltdown of the Egyptian constitution-drafting process has been at center stage in Cairo over the past few months, the negotiations between the Egyptian government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a $4.8 billion loan have rapidly become central to political conversations in Egypt. Egypt has a checkered past with the IMF. While it views Egypt as a success story for structural adjustment and privatization during the infitah, Anwar Sadat’s economic liberalization, and the Hosni Mubarak-era transition away from state ownership, the Egyptian public associates the IMF with the human downside of structural adjustment policies: unemployment, rising prices, and increasing poverty. Even the IMF’s own policy papers on Egypt now admit that the “social outcomes were unsatisfactory” during the 1990s and early 2000s. Read the rest of this entry

Palestine: Nassar Ibrahim analyses of the Paris Protocol and the Oslo Process

Abolishment of the Paris Protocol, the agreement regulating economic relations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, was a primary demand in this week’s West Bank protests. Author and analyst Nassar Ibrahim reviews and analyses the Paris Protocol and the Oslo process, of which it was a part.


Growth Is the Problem: By Chris Hedges

The ceaseless expansion of economic exploitation, the engine of global capitalism, has come to an end. The futile and myopic effort to resurrect this expansion—a fallacy embraced by most economists—means that we respond to illusion rather than reality. We invest our efforts into
bringing back what is gone forever. This strange twilight moment, in which our experts and systems managers squander resources in attempting to re-create an expanding economic system that is moribund, will inevitably lead to systems collapse. The steady depletion of natural resources, especially fossil fuels, along with the accelerated pace of climate change, will combine with crippling levels of personal and national debt to thrust us into a global depression that will dwarf any in the history of capitalism. And very few of us are prepared. Read the rest of this entry

Western bankers intensify global recession by financial terrorism

Western bankers are using weapons of mass financial destruction as the world is entering into global recession and depression, a financial analyst tells Press TV.