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SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi’s Secret Uprising

10390004_395793100558873_6814393971941130630_nIn the following BBC documentary Saudi journalist Safa Al Ahmad reports on the ongoing uprising in Qatif and other parts of Saudi Arabia. It contains interviews with Saudi activists and rare footage of protests.

The text that follows the video is by Joseph Daher from the Syria Freedom Forever blog. Read the rest of this entry

SAUDI ARABIA: What’s happening in KSA?

By Leila Shrooms for Tahrir-ICN

Protester in Qatif defy state security (From: Press TV)

Protester in Qatif defy state security
(From: Press TV)

There have been increasing protests in Saudi Arabia in recent weeks but with a media-blackout, very little information exists on what is happening inside the kingdom. This blog provides a brief  background and snapshot of some of the recent protests, and is certainly not comprehensive of all that is happening. The information has been compiled from mainstream news reports, the reports of independent human rights organizations and Saudi twitter users on the ground. Information has not been independently verified . (There are links to videos of recent protests below)

The Arab Spring the world ignored
Arab Spring protests broke out in Saudi Arabia in February 2011. They were focused on reform and the release of political prisoners rather than calling for the overthrow of the regime like elsewhere in the region. The government reacted quickly to quash dissent by banning all public demonstrations and giving state employees a 15 per cent pay rise. When protests began to grow in November 2011, security forces responded by firing live bullets on peaceful protesters, killing a number of people. Activists have been targeted and imprisoned. Read the rest of this entry

Amishka in Hejaz

11.22.12 Jeddah  Ali al-Ghazzawi

The Coincidence of Street Art

“I reject having ideas sold to me, rather than believing in them”

Sarah Mohanna Al-Abdali or Amishka, as she likes to call herself, was born in 1989 in Jeddah, (Saudi Arabia). She studied graphic design at Dar Al Hekma College and is currently studying her post-graduate in London at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. Read the rest of this entry

“أرفض أن يبيعني الناس أفكاراً، بدلاً من الإيمان بها”

11.22.12 Jeddah  Ali al-Ghazzawi

ولدت سارة مهنا العبدلي أو أميشكا، كما تحب أن تدعو نفسها، في عام 1989 في جدة (المملكة العربية السعودية). درست سارة التصميم الغرافيكي في كلية دار الحكمة، وهي الآن تكمل دراستها العليا في كلية الأمير تشارلز للفنون التقليدية في لندن. Read the rest of this entry

Saudi Revolutionaries: An Interview

What is happening in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia? The Saudi media empire, coupled with its security apparatus, has to a large extent succeeded in preventing developments in Qatif from reaching the world. The Saudi regime has also resorted to a multipronged counter-revolutionary campaign in the last year in order to suppress the uprising there. Despite attempting to co-opt religious and political figures, exerting economic pressure on civilians, imposing blockades on Qatif and its surroundings, and using live ammunition to disperse protesters, Qatif’s revolutionaries remain steadfast in their fight against tyranny and oppression. In the following interview, the organizers of the Eastern Province Revolution Twitter/Facebook page describe their role in organizing protests via social media, the goals of their revolution, and the multiple challenges they face. 

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