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UK:Leeds AFN statement on the murder of Jo Cox


Photo kbctv

June 17, 2016,  Source: leedsantifascists

Yesterday, after a constituency surgery at the library in Birstall, neer Leeds, Labour MP Jo Cox was subjected to a targeted, brutal and prolonged attack by an assailant who,     according to multiple eyewitness accounts, shouted the words “Britain First” as he attacked, shooting and stabbing her multiple times. By the evening, news broke that Jo had died as a result of her injuries. Read the rest of this entry

Neo-nazi Frequencies

greekSmall2The far right is a hot topic right now and Chrissi Avgi\Golden Dawn (GD) are increasingly making headlines all over Europe, as this recently small neo-Nazi group suddenly stumbles onto the political stage; rabid and unclean compared to many of its European cousins, punching and threatening and speaking of civil war whilst for a long time no one does anything even though migrants and other undesirables are beaten and killed, and the cops are participating actively or at least not preventing it as the government tries its best to do even better in its own bureaucratic way. The murder of the antifascist Pavlos Fyssas by a GD member has created a sharp u-turn that recently saw surprised members of GD marching on their own as cops busted in on them and the state went antifascist. I have chosen the term ‘far-right’ to act as a massive umbrella term under which fascists, Nazis, xenophobic populists and nationalists can be categorised. I know that this is a simplification, but simplification is necessary if one is to talk about a new political climate which is spreading over Europe, a climate which is created by many groups with differing backgrounds and ideologies but which most significantly is characterised by racism and cultural protectionism. When analysing Golden Dawn it is relevant to look at Greek history as well as the ideologies of fascism and national socialism, but the international context is also important. If we look at international connections between GD and other far right groups, we can narrow our definitions, because we find the solidarity coming from a very specific political grouping: the neo-Nazis. Read the rest of this entry

UK: Who are the Polish cutlers from London?

by Codzienik Feministyczny i Centrum Informacji Anarchistycznej – Translation Tahrir ICN

On Suturday, around 20:30 in London/Tottenham a group of several tens of Polish neonazis and hooligans from ‘United Emmigrants’ attacked an open techno party (in fact it was not just a techno party, but a whole day family event with lots of children and various artists) in Markfield Park. The attackers were repulsed, and then a lot of them arrested. Before they managed to hurt one person with a knife, fortunetelly not serioously.

Tottenham Festival was part of The Music Day event, one of hundreds of linked concerts held around the world on Saturday to “celebrate the universal language of music”. At least a dozen linked events were held in London alone at the weekend. Read the rest of this entry

من هم أنصار الأسد الفاشست؟

ترجمة: ماهر الجنيدي

الصورة من مدونة القمصان السوداء

الصورة من مدونة القمصان السوداء

بقلم ليلى شرومس

حصل نظام الأسد على دعم الفاشيين والأحزاب والقوى القومية اليمينية المتطرفة في جميع أنحاء أوروبا. تشمل هذه القوى كلاً من الجبهة الوطنية (فرنسا)، “فورزا نوفا” وCasaPound (إيطاليا)، الفجر الذهبي والقمصان السوداء “مارفوس كلينوس” (اليونان)، الحزب القومي البريطاني (المملكة المتحدة)، حركة “البعث القومي البولوني”، كتائب “فالانغا/ Falanga” وتنظيم “كل الشباب البولونيين” (بولندا). Read the rest of this entry

SYRIA: Who are Assad’s fascist supporters?

From Black Lilly blog, presumed to be a rally in Greece

From Black Lilly blog, presumed to be a rally in Greece

By Leila Al Shami

The Assad regime has won the support of fascists and far-right nationalist parties and organizations across Europe. These include the National Front (France), Forza Nuova and CasaPound (Italy), Golden Dawn and Black Lilly (Greece), the British National Party (UK) and the National Rebirth of Poland, Falanga and All Polish Youth (Poland). Read the rest of this entry

The age of rage: welcome to the world revolution

By Andrew Marshall On August 10, 2012

Post image for The age of rage: welcome to the world revolutionWhat the elite few have long feared, has finally transpired: conscious citizens have begun to rise up around the world. The Age of Rage has begun. Read the rest of this entry

The Vocabulary of Greek Neo-Nazis

Anti-Greek: He who hates the Nation. Participate in strikes, demonstrations, attacks the Βenefactors of the Νation, such as banks and offshore companies, wants to participate in assemblies, does not hate his enemies, the Turks, does not have Greek flag tattoos, does not hold a knife. You can recognize him by the correct spelling.

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