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عن الهيمنة، هيمنة الهيمنة، والأناركية الإسلامية

Written By
(Mohamed Jean Veneuse)   محمد
Edited By
Tamer Mowafy & Yasser Abdullah
من معبد إلى آخر تدفق دمي في صمت أسود. كما لو كنت قد انتحرت، تقاطع الرصاص في ذهني ليلًا ونهارًا، حتى تشتت داخل جمجمتي رائحة بارود فجر دمًا تجلط، وفوضى.
وإذا تبعت قولي هذا بالسلام عليكم أو تلاوة دعاء موسى ﴿رب ٱشرح لي صدري ۝ ويسرلي أمري ۝ وٱحلل عقدة من لساني ۝  يفقهوا قولي﴾ [سورة طه (20) الآيات 25: 28]، أتسمونني إسلاميًا أو تعتبرونني إخوانيًا دون اعتبار واحترام للفرق الشاسع بين الهويتين.
حسنًا إذًا، وللدخول في الموضوع لأن سياق الحديث يتطلب نقاش أمور كثيرة  … وجب التوضيح. Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: Goodbye, Welcome, my ‘Revolution’…Egypt, The Military, The Brotherhood & Tamarod

9 July 2013 by mohamed jeanveneuse

Egypt…How do we move? In what direction? How do we do this? There is a consensus of urgency, of impending catastrophes, but what action do we take? Many of us think that if the operators of the system are changed that the situation will be resolved, but that is an illusion. We need to come together immediately and move to create a society that is beyond our current reality. A start would be that we exchange our nouns for verbs. If we say ‘education’, we submit ourselves to someone educating us, but if we change to the verb ‘learn’, we recover the ability for ourselves to learn; for it is we who learn, we who teach ourselves, by reading and experimenting, learning from others who before us have sought different worlds, sending us messages from other worlds, as those Indigenous Rebels who call themselves the Zapatistas, deep inside the Lacandon jungle, before we had even heard of them. We need to find a way that we can all partake in learning, and give away our dependency. So, health becomes healing; how do we heal ourselves? 
The next action is clear. How do we dismantle the State apparatus of repression? By making this apparatus irrelevant. Capitalist production, extraction, and exploitation – how do we eliminate these? By minimizing their need to exist. We are in a structure of domination but how do we urgently dissolve this structure? By making it unnecessary, so that then everything will come into place. After all, just saying ‘no’ is not enough. This ‘no’ has to be accompanied by the creation of alternatives. Read the rest of this entry


By Mohamed Jean Veneuse


As an anarchist and a Muslim, I have witnessed troubled times as a result of extreme divisions that exist between these two identities and communities. To minimize these divisions, I argue for an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian Islam, an ‘anarca-Islam’, that disrupts two commonly held beliefs: one, that Islam is necessarily authoritarian and capitalist; two, that anarchism is necessarily anti-religious. From this position I offer ‘anarca-Islam’ which I believe can help open-minded (non-essentialist/non-dogmatic) Muslims and anarchists to better understand each other, and therefore to more effectively collaborate in the context of what Richard JF Day has called the ’newest’ social movements. Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: Egyptian Female Cartoonist Pokes Fun at Fundamentalists

March 29-31, 2013 by MEDEA BENJAMIN

One of the women who spoke at the Women’s Assembly during the World Social Forum in Tunisia was not a political activist, but a cartoonist. Dooa Eladl is 34-year-old Egyptian woman who calls herself a Muslim anarchist. Her work appears in the prominent newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm She has become one of Egypt’s best-known political cartoonists, in a field completely dominated by men. (One of her humorous drawings is a portrait of herself marching to work, her hair tied to the mustaches of four of her male colleagues.)Egyptian Female Cartoonist Pokes Fun at Fundamentalists_html_m328aaa82

Read the rest of this entry

Ninth-Century Muslim Anarchists

July 2011 by David Baker

I came accross an article titled “Ninth-Century Muslim Anarchists” by Patricia Crone, scholar of early Islamic history at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. It came from JSTOR, which is an online archive of academic journals, but it’s behind a $30 pay wall, so email me if you’d like to read my copy. Read the rest of this entry

The Muslim Anarchist’s Charter

Yakoub Islam

As-salaamu alaykum

One of my favourite teachers at High School was John Gottisman, who taught ‘combined science’. A food chemistry graduate, he also lectured on the nightmares of mass produced food long before it was an issue outside hippy circles. True to his beliefs, John combined teaching with life as a self-sufficient organic farmer. Read the rest of this entry

Islam and anarchy. A paradox to know

rivista anarchica
anno 41 n. 363
giugno 2011

Islam and anarchy. A paradox to know

byFederico Battistutta

Henri Gustave Jossot, Leda Rafanelli, Hakim Bey. Three figures so different from each other, united by the coexistence of Muslim and anarchist ideals.. Read the rest of this entry