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EGYPT: Egypt’s “gay wedding” furor: A ship of fools

imagesIn Egypt any man can harass, brutalize, and rape a woman. It happens all the time. The State will ignore it for as long as possible; the media will say she asked for it. Just try a harmless expression of mutual, consensual desire, though. They’ll hound you to within an inch of your life.

Let’s start with the video. It came out of nowhere, but by Saturday morning it was everywhere. That day — it was August 30 — I spent with some young, impeccably liberal Egyptians. They kept staring with stunned fixation at their smartphones, repeatedly hitting “play,” watching it go viral, wondering what was going to happen to the men.  The YouTube comments could have told you what was coming: “They’re outside of prisons; they should worship God within them,” one outraged viewer wrote. That night I met with some of the men in the clip. One of them kept breaking uncontrollably into tears. They were trying to report the invasion of privacy, get YouTube to take it down. No use: By next day, it was on the website of Youm7 — the tabloid that’s been carrying on a homophobic campaign for months — and on TV. You think you are just a private person, contained in the fences of your skin; then suddenly you find you’ve escaped yourself, become a common spectacle and possession, a fetish cupped in the palms of everybody’s hands. No doubt this is why politicians and movie stars are so vacuous, stripped of self; but imagine sitting in ordinary obscurity and abruptly discovering you’re now an infinitely duplicable, circulating flash of light. “Mirrors and copulation are both abominable,” Borges wrote — it was one of the aphorisms of his invented world of Tlon — “because they multiply mankind.” But that was before the Internet. Read the rest of this entry


EGYPT: Solidarity with the hunger strikers in Egypt

alaa_hungerstrikeA growing number of political prisoners in Egypt have started hunger strikes in protest at lengthy jail terms, long periods of pre-trial detention, and ill-treatment in prison. Read the rest of this entry

السـيسي….رؤيه شديدة الموضوعيه

b67e46fe-4274-4c12-92d9-8fa8fda7ecbb.imgبقلم ياسر عبد القوي
يطالبوننا بالتحدث بموضوعيه عن عبد الفتاح السيسي
ماشي سنتكلم بموضوعيه عن السيسي، بموضوعيه مطلقه

هذا هو السيسي بكل موضوعيه:

1- مدير ا للمخابرات الحربيه سابق في عهده تسللت قوات أجنبيه حتى وسط عاصمة البلاد وقتلت مواطنين مصريين واقتحمت السجون وأنسحبت دون أي خسائر في الارواح والمعدات،ودون ان يتم رصدها، طبعا طبقا للمتداول في الإعلام الرسمي وشبه الرسمي وطبقا لما قرره محامو العادلي ومبارك في المحكمه. 2- مديرا للمخابرات الحربيه في عهده قامت القوات العسكريه التابعه للدوله-الجيش- بإجراء كشف طبي إجباري على إناث دون موافقتهن مما يصنف طبقا للمعايير الدوليه بأعتباره هتك عرض.

3- مديرا للمخابرات الحربيه في عهده حولت وحدات عسكريه تابعة للدوله المتحف المصري لمركز للإحتجاز والتعذيب كما سببت بالمتحف تلفيات وخسائر لم يتم للأن حصرها.

4- وزيرا للدفاع في عهده قامت وحدات عسكريه كاملة التسليح تابعة للتشكيل العسكري المسمى (الجيش الثالث ) بالإعتداء وتهديد وإرهاب عمال مضربين سلميا.

5- وزيرا للدفاع أرتكب جريمتي التأمر على قائده الاعلى والعصيان المسلح وصولا للإنقلاب العسكري، الحقيقه رقص وترقيص 400 مليون أو 400 مليار في الشارع لا يزييل عنه صفة الانقلاب العسكري، دي مسأله يحددها قانون دولي وأعراف عالميه مش صيع ومخبرين الفضائيات.

6- وزيرا للدفاع والحاكم الفعلي لمصر أرتكبت في عهده وتحت أشرافه وبأوامره المباشرة القوات العسكريه التابعه للدوله مجازر متعمدة متعددة ضد متظاهرين ومعتصمين مدنيين عزل لم يقدم اي دليل مادي على تسلحهم، ورافق تلك المجازر عمليات تنكيل بالجرحى وتمثيل بالجثث.

7- وزيرا للدفاع والحاكم الفعلي لمصر أعتقل في عهده وبمعرفته وبأوامره المباشره أكثر من 41 ألف شخص خلال 10 شهور فقط، اغلبهم بتهم واهيه وكيديه، وأصبح الاغتصاب ممارسة أعتياديه للاجهزه الامنيه، ووجهت ضربات قاتله لحريات التظاهر والممارسه السياسيه والتعبير عن الرأي، معيدا أيانا لنقطة أسوأ حتى من 24 يناير 2011.

8- مرشحا للرئاسه، لم يقدم أي برنامجا سياسيا او اقتصاديا من اي نوع، ولم يشارك في أي مؤتمر انتخابي من اي نوع مما يدل على تعاليه على الجماهير وخوفه من مواجهتها مما يوحي بشخصيه مهزوزه، جبانه، عاجزه عن المواجهه.

9- مرشحا للرئاسه، شنت الأجهزه الإعلاميه والأمنيه لصالحه حملة تخويف وإرهاب ضد أي مرشح محتمل، وأستمرت الحمله ضد المرشح الوحيد الذي سمح به.

10- رئيسا للجمهوريه، استمرت عمليات القمع والقتل التي تمارسها الوحدات المسلحه التابعه للدوله، وعمليات الترهيب لأي معارضة سياسيه أو تعبير عن الرأي.

11- رئيسا للجمهوريه، أصدر حزمة من القرارات الاقتصاديه تطيح بالبقية الباقيه من الحقوق الاجتماعيه للكادحين والفقراء، وتضع عبء عجز الموازنه العامه على كاهل الأفقر في المجتمع لصالح رفاهية الطغمه العسكريه وبقية الاجهزه المسماه (سياديه) ولصالح الطبقات الاغنى المستغله بالمجتمع.

هذا هو الموقف الموضوعي في عبد الفتاح السيسي
أنت يا من تسانده أسمح لي بسؤال موضوعي:
انت بني أدم أصلا؟ محسوب ع البشر فعلا؟؟؟

 المصدر: قهوه ساده على الكورنيش

EGYPT: On Alaa’s hunger strike

alaa-3b[Alaa’s family statement follows this article]

By Omar Robert Hamilton

After three spells of imprisonment since the start of the revolution, Alaa Abd El Fattah has declared that he is starting a hunger strike. Alaa is one of 25 people who were sentenced to 15 years in prison for attending/organizing a protest in November. A protest in which a policeman who was filmed strangling a young woman fell over and lost his walkie talkie. All 25 men are charged with stealing the walkie talkie. 24 of those men were arrested at the protest at random. Alaa was taken from his house in the middle of the night two days later — he is a regular target of successive Egyptian governments because of his work as a blogger and activist.

In all his 238 days lost to prison since being identified as a leading ideologue of the revolutionary youth, Alaa has never chosen to go on hunger strike before. So why now and what can it achieve? Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: Statement of the Shura Council Defendants

[Statement follows article which provides background information]

Cairo Criminal Court sentenced activist Alaa Abd El Fattah and 24 others to 15 years jail in absentia, a LE100,000 fine and five years’ surveillance on Wednesday, in a trial known as the Shura Council case, raising severe concerns among lawyers and family members. Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: Cracking down on dissent: The fascist State and persecution of political opponents

Egyptian woman mourns following verdict sentencing 683 alleged supporters of Muslim Brotherhood to death (Photo: AP)

Egyptian woman mourns following verdict sentencing 683 alleged supporters of Muslim Brotherhood to death (Photo: AP)

By Leila Al Shami for Tahrir-ICN

Since the July coup the fascist military regime in Egypt has continued to persecute political opponents. Those who have faced the worst repression of the State have been Muslim Brotherhood supporters, but also affected have been anarchists, leftist activists, workers, journalists and civil organizations.

Today (28 April 2014) an Egyptian court in Minya sentenced 683 alleged supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood to death, including leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood. They were found guilty of attacking the Adawa police station in August and killing a policeman following the violent dispersal of the pro-Morsi sit-ins in Nahda and Rabaa Squares. Last month 529 Muslim Brotherhood supporters were sentenced to death for attacking a police station in the same province despite evidence that many defendants were not present at the scene on the day in question and despite claims by some defendants that they are not Brotherhood supporters. 492 of the March death sentences have now been commuted to life imprisonment. Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: Workers struggle to self-manage, Renationalized companies left idle as workers fight to make factories function

self-managed Economic Company for Industrial Development, 2009

self-managed Economic Company for Industrial Development, 2009

By Jano Charbel

Weary of governmental inaction regarding the court-ordered renationalization of their companies, many workers have sought to take matters into their own hands through experiments in workers’ self-management — only to find that the government is actively obstructing their efforts. Read the rest of this entry

Managing disorder: towards a global state of control?

by Jerome Roos on March 29, 2014

Refusing to tackle the causes of our troubles and allow public space for dissent, the neoliberal state is sliding inexorably towards authoritarianism.


Image: Brazilian police demonstrated its new riot gear last month.

When an Egyptian judge condemned 529 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death this week, he underlined in one fell swoop the terrifying reality in which the world finds itself today. The revolutionary euphoria and constituent impulse that shook the global order back in 2011 have long since given way to a re-established state of control. Violent repression of protest and dissent — whether progressive or reactionary — has become the new normal. The radical emancipatory and democratic space that was briefly opened up by recent uprisings is now being slammed shut. What remains are dispersed pockets of resistance under relentless assault by the constituted power. Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: Dead end: about the coup in Egypt

egypt1Article by the Wildcat collective on the background and current developments of class struggle in Egypt after the military coup in summer 2013 with additional focus on the situation of migrant workers in the Gulf states.

Dead End: About the Coup in Egypt
(translated from: wildcat, winter 2013/14:

For two years, Tahrir Square was the symbol of a radical departure from social ossification and crisis. The military coup in the summer of 2013 ended this phase. The various illusions and hopes were buried with the hundreds that died. Essential parts of the liberal milieus have accepted state-led massacres and mass arrests in the name of ‘defending democracy’. The hope of a state solution to social misery is also lost; the last heirs of Nasserism and trade union movement-hopefuls now sit at the military (side) table. Their vague promises of reform are drowned out by their appeals to peace, order and willingness to work.

In the acute social situation there is currently no room for participation. The movement will have to provide new questions about social revolution and organisation and will have to find new answers. To this end, migrants play an important role. Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: 2011 was not 1968: an open letter from Egypt

By Philip RizkEgypt1968-2011

As Egyptians trickle into Tahrir to commemorate the 2011 revolution, hijacked by the army, it becomes ever more important to listen to the unheard voices.

On the morning of January 25, 2014 as people trickle into Tahrir Square, it is once again important to realize where we point our gaze to understand a bit of what is taking place in Egypt. A discourse of terror has scared many into supporting with blind faith a military leader who claims to be able to re-instate the good old days of stability. This discourse of fear also has the opposite effect and across the population there are those who are not falling for the terror trap. Read the rest of this entry