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GREECE:Europe’s solidarity crisis: a perspective from Greece


June 8, 2016  Source: roarmag

Dimitris Christopoulos, George Souvlis

Refugees are not a cause but a symptom of a broader European political crisis, which a leading Greek scholar argues might well end up with Europe in ruins.

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GREECE: When the State turns Antifa

October 26, 2013 by Cognord

Golden Dawn (GD), as we knew it, is over. Their leader N. Michaloliakos is behind bars, along with other prominent members, while those who survived the first purge are facing added charges that emerged a few days after the first arrests. While this was happening, a number of their offices around Greece have closed down, the state funding they received has been stopped, and reports indicate that many of their members (ex or current) are forming lines outside the High Court to testify against the organization. These testimonies are used as key evidence in the legal proceedings, leading among other things to the finding of hidden weapons[1]. Even if the legal case does not bring most of GD’s members to prison, the inside fighting is bound to create enough damage to forbid the Nazi party from continuing as it has.  Read the rest of this entry

GREECE: The fascist threat beyond Golden Dawn

24.10.2013 by Michael Theødosiadis

A provisional assessment

After the fatal stabbing of Pavlos Fyssas in Nikea (Athens) by Giorgos Roupakias (a member of the neo-nazi party Golden Dawn, organizer and coordinator of the party’s blackshirts’), mass demonstrations took place across the country. A few days later the conservative government launches crackdown on GD, resulting to the prosecution of party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos and five other Golden Dawn MPs, who are charged with murder,sex trafficking, money laundering, benefit and tax fraud. But it was only two weeks ago that government officials and members of the ruling coalition government were openly discussing the possibilities of a future collaboration with the far-right party whilst for many years the Greek State was deliberately tolerating the proliferation of neo-Nazi violence against immigrants and leftists. Read the rest of this entry

GREECE: Crackdown on the Golden Dawn

Sep 28 2013 by Thrasybulus

GD leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos under arrest
With the arrest of several party leaders the Greek government has begun a crackdown on the far-right Golden Dawn in the wake of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas.

GREECE: Communique by the squat Lelas Karagianni 37 about the reoccupation of Villa Amalias

January 11th, 2013

Repression can’t bend the militants

We are experiencing historical moments. Let’s act accordingly. A swarm of political lackeys of the local and international capital, consisted of fascists, thieves and impostors of all sorts, from the extreme right to the so-called democratic left – assisted by the controlled mass media and the parastate gangs -, has been shamelessly looting, oppressing and terrorizing the people. In order for their plans to succeed without a hitch they have imposed a state of emergency which is nothing but a political dictatorship camouflaged with a parliamentary cloak. The bankrupt political-economic system, in order to perpetuate its miserable existence or at least to buy itself time before its upcoming decomposition, wants to force the silence and submission of the plebian social layers by means of either manipulation and compulsion by the media propaganda or brute force and terrorism used on resisting people by state repression and parastate gangs. Read the rest of this entry

GREECE: Anarchists under fear of death from police/fascists – call for solidarity

We publish an urgent appeal for help from Greek anarchists, who are currently being physically attacked by fascists and police and in fear of their lives. Read the rest of this entry

Greece: Greece’s Golden Dawn isn’t a political party – it’s more like a criminal gang

The thuggish members of Golden Dawn, with their neo-Nazi ties and attacks on immigrants, should be banned from parliament

Supporters of the extreme-right Golden Dawn party in Athens

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The Vocabulary of Greek Neo-Nazis

Anti-Greek: He who hates the Nation. Participate in strikes, demonstrations, attacks the Βenefactors of the Νation, such as banks and offshore companies, wants to participate in assemblies, does not hate his enemies, the Turks, does not have Greek flag tattoos, does not hold a knife. You can recognize him by the correct spelling.

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