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BAHRAIN: Imprisoned Bahraini Human Rights Activist Has Started A Hunger Strike


Flickr: irenakausiute

By Miriam Berger

Bahraini activist Maryam al-Khawaja has launched a hunger strike — two weeks after Bahraini police imprisoned the prominent human rights defender when she landed in the country to try to visit her father, also in jail and on a hunger strike at the time.

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Exposed: Globally Renowned Activist Collaborated With Intelligence Firm Stratfor

02.12.2013 by Carl Gibson and Stave Horn

BAHRAIN: Anarchism by Bahrain Youth

April 14, 2012 by AnarchistBH

Anarchy is often associated with chaos, but not necessarily assimilates chaos. In my opinion it’s simply that there is no official party to control, direct or enforce the masses. And from what I’ve seen in the recent events, I’d like to refer to the Anarchy moments as “spontaneous” and “unrestrained” instead of chaos. Read the rest of this entry

BAHRAIN: Despite Western complicity and Arab indifference, Bahrain’s revolution goes on


Posted on December 3, 2012 by Ceasefire By

Nearly two years on from Bahrain’s uprising, protests continue on a daily basis and human rights violations are rampant. Roshan Muhammed Salih argues the revolution has proven an inconvenient one not only for a complicit West but for the region’s Sunnis too.

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Why didn’t CNN’s international arm air its own documentary on Bahrain’s Arab Spring repression?

A former CNN correspondent defies threats from her former employer to speak out about self-censorship at the network., Tuesday 4 September 2012 20.01 BST Read the rest of this entry