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PART ONE: Exposing the Israeli left: The “cottage-cheese warriors”

From the Shit Liberal Zionists Say Tumblr

From the Shit Liberal Zionists Say Tumblr

By Linah Alsaafin and Budour Hassan

When Israel launched its most recent aggression on the Gaza Strip, dubbed Operation Protective Edge, the overwhelming majority of the Israeli public supported the aggression. Support for the massacre was by no means limited to right-wingers and blatant fascists; the cheerleaders also included Israeli Labor party (the largest “opposition” party in the Knesset), liberal minister of Justice Tzipi Livni, and Meretz, the self-proclaimed social democrats and “only Zionist leftist party”. The latter would eventually backtrack just like they did in the 2008- 2009 massacre, even claiming that they never actually supported the war from the get-go. Read the rest of this entry

Regarding the ongoing events in the Ukraine: Statement by Unity Anarcho-Communist Organization Palestine/Israel


The Ukraine is in the throes of a popular uprising, against its regime, which is becoming ever more repressive. Much of the mainstream media presents the image of a confrontation taking place between the two statist political factions in Ukraine: The governing coalition, led by President Yanukovich, which has recently backed away from a trade agreement with the EU, and is developing a close subservient relationship with Russia; and the smaller nationalist opposition, headed by the parties called the Blow, Homeland and Freedom, opposing this development and seeking to attach Ukraine more strongly to the EU. Read the rest of this entry

ISRAEL: A smug, bourgeois Israeli ‘social protest’

May 19, 2013 by Larry Derfner

Despite the wishes of many — if not most — of the people in the streets, the masses who identify with the ‘social protest’ are callous to those whose complaints are so much more urgent than theirs.   Read the rest of this entry

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle and the “signs of the third Intifada”

March 20, 2013       by Ilan S. – AAtW, ainfos. Mazpen

As the third Intifada character is less dramatic than the previous two. At least at the first years, politicians and media commentators hesitating to declare it as such. After more lot of pondering on the subjects in the Israeli media, we heard this evening a new tag: “the signs of Intifada are already here”. The escalation of the suppression of the Israeli state forces in the occupied west bank and their backing of settler colonialist terror activities last months, was not clear if it is only pre election thing or is intended to convert the unarmed third Intifada into an armed one. The unarmed Intifada expand gradually with the solidarity with the hunger striking prisoners at its focus. To the older locations of Beit Ummar, Bil’in, Ma’asarah, Nabi Saleh, Ni’ilin, Qadum, Sheikh Jarah, and South of Hebron Hills, and south-west joined last weeks Jayyus and Jaffa. Read the rest of this entry

ISRAEL: The heroine vs. the terrorist: A case study in brainwashing


|Published December 14, 2012

How the ‘newspaper of the nation’ reported on a Border Policewoman’s killing of a Palestinian teenager who was found to have been carrying a toy gun. Read the rest of this entry

Israeli Anarchism – Being Young, Queer, and Radical in the Promised Land

Old interview from few years ago,

Yossi is a young resident of Jerusalem and a member of the International Solidarity Movement. He is part of many social movements in Israel and Palestine, including Anarchists Against the Wall and Black Laundry, a radical queer group. Yossi is currently working at the Alternative Information Center. Here he speaks about anarchism in Israel, it’s relationship to the Palestinian struggle, and radical anarchist and queer culture. Read the rest of this entry

Palestine: No State Solution

* Article from the latest issue of “The Anvil”.


Since its inception, Israel has been oppressing and maltreating the Palestinian people. From its initial War of Independence in 1947-48, through the 6 Day War of 1967, through to the Gaza War of 2009, Israel has treated the Palestinians as inferior (and often as non-existent), expanded its territorial borders and used extreme brutality to suppress resistance. The violence against the Gaza Freedom Flotilla earlier this year was new only because Israel was seen to be giving people from other countries a taste of what it has been dishing out to the Palestinians on a regular basis for generations. Read the rest of this entry

Alan Hart : Is Palestine A Lost Cause?

September 4, 2012  Alan Hart

The main purpose of this article is to put some flesh on the bone of what I see as the Unless Scenario… Read the rest of this entry

Palestinian artists strike Jerusalem’s streets again with message for “occupiers and our people”

Submitted by Ali Abunimah on Tue, 01/17/2012 – 05:55

“There’s no voice greater than the voice of the intifada” (Image courtesy of the artist) Read the rest of this entry

Taking back Palestine’s streets: exclusive interview with underground Jerusalem graffiti artist Maath Musleh

The Electronic Intifada

29 August 2012

“There’s no voice greater than the voice of the intifada” (Image courtesy of the artist) Read the rest of this entry