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EGYPT: Anarchists in Egypt, will the real Black Bloc please stand up?

image1382603544-18912-PlaceID-0_s660x390(Note from Tahrir-ICN: Whilst we don’t share all ideas here, and do not think Black bloc Egypt represent Egyptian anarchists,  we find it an informative article on the internal formation of Black Bloc in Egypt which has attracted a lot of Western media attention)

Core members of Egypt’s Black Bloc hardly ever give interviews, adding to the mystery and confusion that surrounds the group. Your Middle East’s Goos Hofstee was able to get one such rare talk. Read the rest of this entry

SYRIA: Philosophy behind insurectionist tactics of Black Bloc

2013/2/28  by Mazeen Kamalmaz  (English translation by Amr)

1 – These lines are a try to intensify the experience of the recent “black bloc”. It’s not an attempt to theorize it, nor does to impose my ideological or political stand which -if I was- then it will contradict the core idea of black bloc itself which is anti-force anti oppression and anti-subjection.  Black Bloc as an idea – before it became a tactic and a clash with the forces of oppression – does not belong to any one, it actually belongs to all its members by equal, and also it belongs to the oppressed and forgotten humans everywhere. Black Bloc base are set based on the highest diversity possible, without any hierarchy or a forced organization intellectually, it is a culture founded on the principle of resistance. Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: Tahrir and the undying spirit of revolt

by Jerome Roos on January 25, 2013

Post image for Tahrir and the undying spirit of revoltIf there is one lesson we have to learn from the endless struggle of the Egyptians, it is this: don’t rely on anyone to make your revolution for you.Indefatigable. That’s probably the word that best describes Egypt’s revolutionaries, two years since the start of their revolt. Fearless and heroic are some others that instantly come to mind. Firmly committed to their cause. Fully conscious of the immense obstacles. Fiercely determined to succeed. There are many things we savages in the West can learn from our brothers and sisters in Egypt. The most important, perhaps, is never to give up in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. People died for this revolution. It will not be hijacked by those who piss on their legacy. Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: Egyptian Anarchist Movement Emerges with Wave of Firebombings and Street Fights

Ryan Harvey, 24 Janury 2013


A black bloc marches in Cairo tonight, preparing for confrontations with security forces near Tahrir Square on the even of the second anniversary of the revolution. Read the rest of this entry