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UK: 10 Point Guide for Post-Brexit Resistance

13508995_1431907940168348_4782059488516918022_n   June 24, 2016

The statement of  Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland)

Response to Brexit Leave Vote

1. The Brexit vote for the UK to leave the European Union demonstrates that even weak parliamentary democracy is incompatible with escalating neoliberal inequality. In the UK as elsewhere a tiny segment of the population have taken a larger and larger share of total wealth in the last decades. Particularly under austerity almost everyone else has seen their share of the wealth they produce decline massively.

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UK:Leeds AFN statement on the murder of Jo Cox


Photo kbctv

June 17, 2016,  Source: leedsantifascists

Yesterday, after a constituency surgery at the library in Birstall, neer Leeds, Labour MP Jo Cox was subjected to a targeted, brutal and prolonged attack by an assailant who,     according to multiple eyewitness accounts, shouted the words “Britain First” as he attacked, shooting and stabbing her multiple times. By the evening, news broke that Jo had died as a result of her injuries. Read the rest of this entry

UK: Who are the Polish cutlers from London?

by Codzienik Feministyczny i Centrum Informacji Anarchistycznej – Translation Tahrir ICN

On Suturday, around 20:30 in London/Tottenham a group of several tens of Polish neonazis and hooligans from ‘United Emmigrants’ attacked an open techno party (in fact it was not just a techno party, but a whole day family event with lots of children and various artists) in Markfield Park. The attackers were repulsed, and then a lot of them arrested. Before they managed to hurt one person with a knife, fortunetelly not serioously.

Tottenham Festival was part of The Music Day event, one of hundreds of linked concerts held around the world on Saturday to “celebrate the universal language of music”. At least a dozen linked events were held in London alone at the weekend. Read the rest of this entry

UK: Anti-Fascist Network statement on Saturday 7th September EDL demonstration




The Metropolitan Police arrested over 280 anti-fascist activists, local community members, and passersby in East London on 7 September, as up to 700 English Defence League supporters were allowed to march over Tower Bridge and rally at Aldgate without encountering any mass opposition. Read the rest of this entry

UK: Brixton. Eviction of Rushcroft Road

15.07.2013 (compilation of articles by Tahrir ICN)


This morning, a large operation involving the the police and High Court Enforcement Officers saw around 75 residents being evicted from their homes in Rushcroft Road, central Brixton.

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UK: Anarchists! Get Organised!

We are facing an unprecedented period of attacks against the working class. The Conservative-Liberal coalition have unleashed the full force of austerity upon us in order to help tighten the grip capitalism holds on society. Public sector cuts, the bedroom tax, benefit cuts and so on are merely different faces of the ugly beast known as neoliberalism. Unless we directly challenge these attacks on our standard of living we can only expect further cuts – all at the expense of the working class.

It is important that there is an specifically anarchist response to austerity for anarchism is a social and political movement with its roots in the struggles of the working class – those who are most effected by the cuts. We cannot allow the struggle against austerity to be left to authoritarian or state socialists or the liberal left (or worse the far-right and fascists); their response to the economic crisis is much of the same. Anarchism holds the only really answer for the emancipation of the working class from the exploitation of capitalism. Read the rest of this entry

Interview with anarchist, Stuart Christie

March 21, 2013

image L-R: Stuart Christie, Luis Edo, Albert Meltzer, Doris Ellsinger

Stuart Christie has been an active anarchist through writing, publishing and action. He first achieved notoriety in 1964, when he attempted to assassinate the dictator, Franco. He was imprisoned for 20 years but freed only 3 years later thanks to an international campaign that included Jean-Paul Sartre and Bertrand Russell. In the 1970s, Stuart and Alfred Meltzer re-formed the Anarchist Black Cross (an organisation to aid anarchist prisoners), edited Black Flag magazine and – by and by – was acquitted of being part of the Angry Brigade. Below is an interview with Stuart, together with an extract from a book he wrote providing details of what happened on that fateful journey to Spain to assassinate Franco. Read the rest of this entry

NORTHERN IRELAND: Working Class Unity not Sectarian Diversions

Fri, 2012-12-21

Once again violence has flared across Belfast and other parts of the north as protests continue around the flags issue. The latest disturbances come as Stormont Assembly leaders, Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness meet to discuss another wave of street protests, and their concerns about the damaging effect it is having on the economy leading up to the busiest shopping period of the calendar. But as each issued a separate statement calling for protests to come to an end, loyalist gangs flexed their muscles, blocking off streets and hijacking cars.

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UK: There is no housing shortage

There is no housing shortage

The Guardian today reports a rise in homelessness. This is a predictable (and predicted) consequence of benefits cuts, but it has nothing to do with a shortage of homes.

Posted by Joseph Kay Dec 5 2012

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