UK: Who are the Polish cutlers from London?

by Codzienik Feministyczny i Centrum Informacji Anarchistycznej – Translation Tahrir ICN

On Suturday, around 20:30 in London/Tottenham a group of several tens of Polish neonazis and hooligans from ‘United Emmigrants’ attacked an open techno party (in fact it was not just a techno party, but a whole day family event with lots of children and various artists) in Markfield Park. The attackers were repulsed, and then a lot of them arrested. Before they managed to hurt one person with a knife, fortunetelly not serioously.

Tottenham Festival was part of The Music Day event, one of hundreds of linked concerts held around the world on Saturday to “celebrate the universal language of music”. At least a dozen linked events were held in London alone at the weekend.

The same day they attacked a group of orthodox Jews.

Today, a meetinng of antifascist circles will take a place, during which a Dywizjon 161 group will present a problem of the Polish ‘patriots’ to local crews, explain who they are, and how to recognize them.

Dywizjon 161 is a group of friends and acquaintances, Polish immigrants in UK from antifascist circles.

Source: codziennik feministyczny


Who are the Polish cutler from London?

Source: Centrum Informacji Anarchistycznej

There are some things about which you cannot hear anything in the Polish media. One of them is a growing network of neo-Nazo and xtreme right groups in England, consisting … of Polish immigrants.

This network is created by both average hoologans looking for adrenaline, ‘inteligentsia’ like Bosak and Winnicki (leaders of National Movement in Poland), as well as fascist veterans who are interested in surveillance of the community of Polish immigrants and spreading their sick ideology. On one edge we have then pseudo-academic Partiae Fidelis (a Polish nationalist group in UK), promoting meetings with Führers of National Movement (which did not finish well for them duirng their tour in UK, on the other, fighters for the race together with Blood and Honor (in Londod they are many Polish neo-Nazis from Bialystok, Opole, Lody, Silesa,Szczytno ant other places). Somewhere in the middle the hooligan-nationalist mob is placed – a group of United Immigrants – In Unity Therre Is A Power (ZEL-WJS).

This network is created by both average hooligans looking for adrenaline, ‘inteligentsia’ like Bosak and Winnicki (from National Movement), as well as fascist veterans who are interested in surveillance of the community of Polish immigrgants and spreading their sick ideology.  On one edge we have then pseudo-academic Partiae Fidelis, promoting meetings with

 As antifascists from England notify, the latter group is responsible for yesterday’s incident.Let’s start from the beginning: a few weeks ago the United Immigrants  held a meeting in Markfield Park, in London’s Tottenham. At the same time there was held an open event of techno; it is knot known if the time and place of the meeting of the Polish patriots were intentional or accidental. 1613870_843248392356268_84898813491189147_n

From the comments on their profiles on social networking sites (and their panic cancelling), it can be concluded that it is more likely to be the first option – the official invitation also included a call: “Also get ready for this meeting because it could be a fucking destroying!” However, let’s not waste time agonizing, because it is more important what happened. For the glory of the emblem and the flag, members and supporters of the UnitedImmigrants, in the number of about 40-50 people,  decided to attack a nearby techno party in the open air. They used stones and bottles. One person was stabbed with a knife. Attackers were quickly repulsed, but they wanted to bounce unsuccessful party. On the same day they met on their way an Orthodox Jew, and beat him heroically.

Who exactly is a group of United Immigrants? From the analysis of the web feeds and information provided by British anti-fascists, it emerges a picture of one of the many hooligans’ groups with strong nationalistic color that arose with the National Movement and the revival of the extreme right in Poland.What do the great patriots do when they are not occupied in brawls? They organize little marches in honor of ‘cursed soldiers’ (some groups of Polish Resistance Movement during II WW, who continued they fight against Soviet Red Army and Polish communist government), bravely fight commune 25 years after its fall (there are many proves that during the state communist period, leaders of nationalist movements cooperated with the government, and do not participated in the real fight against the regime), and mentioning the Pope – the Polish one, so as usual. On their Fb profile, they like to boast with pictures showing a group of ‘patriots’ torturing an anonymous opponent, theri tattos with the symbol of the Warsaw Uprising, and old school slogans like ‘ LITHUANIAN BOOR – KNEEL BEFORE THE POLISH LORD!’ If you make ‘like’ a Fb profile of the United Immigrants, you can even win anti-leftists shirts with knives and batons – of course signed with the Polish emblem.

It revokes in you retching? It should not – the National Movement, the NOP (which has also its branch in London), it became a standard already.  The attacks on bystanders, arson, and acts of devastation mingle waving the Polish flag or organizing pilgrimages. After all, none other but the National Movement promotes and fiercely defends such festivals as the Eagle’s Nest in Poland, which attracts the neo-Nazi scum from all the continent, promotes national celebrities who are calling for the mass extermination of enemies and praising the Hitleer’s Nazis. The pattern from the homeland radiates into exile, spreading stupidity and extremist attitudes among young people. So it should not surprise anyone that the nationalists, who spend their lives to combat immigrants in Poland, make up, at the same time, immigrants’ gangs in England, giving its inhabitants a great reason to vote for the local right-wingers who are seeking the removal of Poles in Great Britain. Nationalism – Welcome to a world where anything is possible.  1890994_806037759410665_1659516533_n

And how the British extreme right approaches to skirmishing Polish colleagues in their backyard?  Very differently. The party’s circles, in their propaganda hounding ‘thieves of work’, cannot let go Polish kinsmen, even if they would like very much. But the neo-Nazists from the terrorist organization Blood and Honor leave them a free hand in the name of transnational solidarity of the white race. Anyway the Poles are able to repay the foreign hospitality, inviting to the annual brawl called March of Independence dozen different groups commonly known as neo-Fascist or neo-Nazi ( And they can invite them freely. In the end the Polish media is only interested in ‘German Antifa’ (after one of the Marches the Polish media accused German Antifa of causing the brawls), and the leaders of the extreme right are hosted in TV as experts from the phone hacking scandal.  1506924_762438027103972_96856424_n

In short, Polish nationalism is not just a Polish problem…

Source: Centrum Informacji Anarchistycznej


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