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FRANCE: Why Euro 2016 is a festival of cash and football business

 June 10, 2016    Source:  


Photo from Paris-Lutte.Info

    Little analysis of the Euro, its sponsors, its construction of hiperexpensive stadiums and its violations of labor law….

A few days before the start of the most awaited competition in the football world, voices are raised to denounce a competition eroded by money and partnerships between companies of big capital. Besides the threat of terrorist attacks and fights between hooligans, an appeal was spread by militants against the Labour Law to disrupt the Euro in the continuity of the social movement in progress. The sponsors of the competition include entities such as Adidas, Coca-Cola, Credit Agricole, Mc Donald’s, Continental, Orange, the French Games, UEFA, the FFF etc. to justify the text. Similarly, 42,000 police officers, 30,000 gendarmes and 13,000 mobilized vigilantes throw light on an event based on both the financialisation of football and ultra-security of public space (fan-areas and grandstands). Read the rest of this entry