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IRAQ: Rise Up Iraq

by Ali Issa         Mar 20 2013

[Baghdad's Tahrir Square, June 2011. From the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq.] Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, June 2011. From the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq.

The street that your question describes as “quiet” is actually silent only as a result of repression, especially after the protests of February 2011 when the authorities revealed their violence openly—using the army to clamp down on nonviolent protests and firing live ammunition at peaceful protestors.

Falah Alwan22 January 2013, The Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq. Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: Fire in Cairo: an Egyptian anarchist talks about the January 25th revolt

Textile workers on strike in Mahalla al-Kubra, Feb 17th 2011. interview Jano Charbel, an Egyptian anarchist and blogger, on the January 25th uprising, how it has progressed and the possibilities for working class struggle in Egypt and beyond.

May 28 2011 Read the rest of this entry

Work and the free society – Anarchist Federation

Work and the free society - Anarchist Federation

The Anarchist Federation analyse work in modern capitalist society, what is wrong with it and what we can all do to help rectify it. Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: The development of class struggle

Article from 1977

The development of class struggle in Egypt

In-depth analysis of the development of capitalism and class struggle in Egypt, from the 1940s until the 1970s. Contains interesting information about mass wildcat strikes and the 1977 food riots as well as their relationship to national liberation movements in the region. Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: All Unionized and Nowhere to Go

January 8, 2013

Decree 97 of November 25, 2012 went virtually unnoticed in the political upheaval following President Morsi’s November 22 constitutional declaration which granted him almost dictatorial powers. Decree 97 amended the law regulating trade unions and removed all office holders of the state-sponsored Egyptian Federation of Trade Unions (ETUF) over 60 years old. They are to be replaced by candidates who received the second-largest vote tally in the 2006 national union elections—widely considered exceptionally corrupt. In August 2011, the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration certified their invalidation and dissolved the ETUF’s executive board. Read the rest of this entry

FRANCE: Struggle against austerity: A French mobilization infancy

[machine translation from French]  from Alternative Libertaire #223

06 Jan 2013

The European Day of Action on 14 November resulted in France mobilization subdued. We must consider how to build across Europe as a response to austerity. —- On November 14, millions of demonstrators and protesters marched across Europe against austerity, but only one hundred thousand in France. Seek error. The first initiative of the European Day of Action rests with unions in countries most exposed to austerity: Greece, Spain and Italy. The date was picked up by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), central hegemonic orientation clearly reformist. The majority of French unions is affiliated, even if this is not the case of Solidarity. However, the Inter-national has been slow to appeal to this day. Announced at least three weeks before the deadline, it was prepared in a hurry, even sloppy. Read the rest of this entry

NORTHERN IRELAND: Working Class Unity not Sectarian Diversions

Fri, 2012-12-21

Once again violence has flared across Belfast and other parts of the north as protests continue around the flags issue. The latest disturbances come as Stormont Assembly leaders, Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness meet to discuss another wave of street protests, and their concerns about the damaging effect it is having on the economy leading up to the busiest shopping period of the calendar. But as each issued a separate statement calling for protests to come to an end, loyalist gangs flexed their muscles, blocking off streets and hijacking cars.

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Not Waving but Drowning: Precarity and the Working Class

Saturday, December 08 2012

In ‘Not Waving but Drowning: Precarity and the Working Class’, Mark Hoskins takes a critical look at the idea put forward by some academics and even parts of the anti-capitalist movement that the “precariat” is the revolutionary subject of our epoch. After examining the subjective conditions of the precarious subject today and comparing its objective conditions to those of the working class of the last century, he goes on to explore how these conditions relate to our end goal, a communist society and what lessons that can teach us in our attempt to get there. Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: Mahalla workers rise up against Mursi’s constitutional decree

29 Nov 2012  by Hisham Fouad from Egypt’s Revolutionary Socialists

Once again the 20,000 workers at Misr Spinning in Mahalla have taken the lead in challenging the Egyptian regime. They have rejected president Mohamed Mursi’s constitutional amendments and the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: Labor Unions Under Attack in Morsi’s Egypt

Posted on Nov 30, 2012 Ian Harsthorn

Demonstration by Egyptian telecom workers (Photo credit: Hossam el-Hamalawy)

While many have focused on Mohamed Morsi’s recent actions toward the Judiciary and Constituent Assembly, the Egyptian president has quietly consolidated power over institutions affecting the lives of millions of workers, namely, Egypt’s labor unions. Read the rest of this entry