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WESTERN SAHARA: Notes from Western Sahara

An Interview with Fatma El-Mehdi   24.03.2012

Gdeim Izik ©Kirby GookinAs the Arab Spring spread across several countries in the Middle East and North Africa, American philosopher Noam Chomsky argued that it did not originate in Tunisia, as is commonly understood. “In fact, the current wave of protests actually began last November in Western Sahara, which is under Moroccan rule, after a brutal invasion and occupation,” Chomsky stated. “The Moroccan forces came in, carried out – destroyed tent cities, a lot of killed and wounded and so on. And then it spread.”  Read the rest of this entry

WESTERN SAHARA: Western Sahara: the long, lonely journey of Sahrawi activism

December 12, 2012, by Angel L. Martinez

Two years after the brutal assault by Moroccan forces on the Saharawi camp of Gdeim Izik, Western media indifference continues while the international community remains silent towards ongoing human rights violations. Angel L. Martinez speaks to prominent activists and reports on the precarious prospects for Africa’s last colony. Read the rest of this entry