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TURKEY: Community Occupation

June 22, 2013 by postvirtual

Resistance Exhibition at Abbasaga Park, Besiktas.

Resistance Exhibition at Abbasaga Park, Besiktas.

[Spanish translation here]

Istanbul, June 22, 0200 hrs

Dear people,

When you get off the boat in Besiktas and you take a walk through the neighbourhood, you won’t have difficulty to recognise where the clashes took place. Along some of the roads, the sidewalks have completely disappeared. Read the rest of this entry

TURKEY: WE ARE WINNING! – We have seen the beach beneath the stones we have carried the black flag of the revolution

The first statement on the uprisings in Turkey written by Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet (DAF, or Revolutionary Anarchist Action) and originally published in Meydan Gazetesi. Read the rest of this entry

TURKEY: Against the State and police terror: Our rage is growing, so does our struggle!

Announcement by the Revolutionary Anarchist Action
(Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet, DAF):

taksim_11.6The ongoing occupation of Taksim Square and Gezi Park was attacked by the police this morning (June 11th, 2013). After the meeting of the council of ministers yesterday, the police came to the square early in the morning, at about 7 o’ clock, and while shooting tear gas the repression forces made announcements that they are not going to attack the park. Hundreds of police officers entered Taksim Square pleading that there will be no attack to the park and saying that only banners will be removed. While the banners on the Atatürk Cultural Centre were moved away, another group of police wanted to remove the tents in the square. People tried to stop this, and police attacked the protesters with tear gas. Read the rest of this entry

TURKEY: The Right to the City Movement and the Turkish Summer

01.06.2013 by Jay Cassano

[A protestor and police in Gezi Park. 31 May 2013. From Yücel Tunca via Nar Photos.]

[A protestor and police in Gezi Park. 31 May 2013. From Yücel Tunca via Nar Photos.]

As I write this, Istanbul is under siege. The might of Istanbul’s entire police force—the largest city police force in Europe—is violently cracking down on peaceful occupiers in Gezi Park.

The protest, which began on 27 May, is ostensibly over a planned shopping center to be built over a park in Istanbul’s central Taksim Square. Nevertheless, massive popular movements like this do not emerge out of nowhere. Typically, they are the result of the tireless groundwork of activists over the course of an extended period. And then, something happens: a spark sets off the lighter fluid accumulating unnoticed at everyone’s feet. Read the rest of this entry

TURKEY: Press Release by Resisting Artists


In the process initiated by the Gezi Park resistance, as filmmakers, artists and writers of this country, we condemn censoring and biased attitudes, that disregard principles of neutral and objective journalism, of all mainstream television channels, especially NTV, CNN Türk, Habertürk, Kanal D, ATV, Star, Show TV and TRT, and of some newspapers, especially Star, Sabah and Habertürk, that have always defined themselves as Turkey’s prominent, objective media institutions. Read the rest of this entry

TURKEY: “It is only the beginning, our struggle continues”


by ROAR Collective on June 2, 2013

Post image for Defiant Turks: “this is only just the beginning”

What Turkey is witnessing today is a broad-based popular rebellion against the authoritarianism of its conservative neoliberal Islamist establishment. Read the rest of this entry

TURKEY: Message from anarchists in Turkey



Our sentimental brother Mr. Arinc (islamist Turkish politician, Vice-Prime Minister) has said that «some anarchist groups were coming to cause destruction by using May 1st as an excuse; they were planning to use these celebrations in order to cause destruction against our government, our state. Our police and security forces were aware of their plans and that is why we forbade them to enter Taksim». Read the rest of this entry

TURKEY: Unnatural Sexual Relation or Psycho-Sexual Deficiency: Is A Third Way Impossible?

Within Turkish society, which is dominated by a spiral of ‘masculinity’ and ‘military service’, sexism and homophobia are ever present. Militarist institutions humiliate and label homosexuals, they treat them carelessly and make their life miserable, especially when it comes to the ‘military service’. Firstly, the army as an institution has been presented as a gift that remains out of reach if one is gay. The fact that the institution called ‘the army’, known as the fortress of ‘masculinity’ and of institutional militarism, excludes women and homosexuals does not mean of course that they are unable to serve in the army or to fight. The fact that women and gays are being excluded is a result of the ideology of masculinity. This ideology, and its spearheading institution, the army, where this ideology is engendered, perceives homosexuality solely as ‘faggotry’, humiliating the gay individual by treating him not as a human being and assaulting his soul and character. It insults him, it makes him worthless. Read the rest of this entry