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TUNISIA: Statement of Disobey Movement

Tunisians have been living since the disbandment of KASBAH sit-in under the dominance of a rivaling political class with homatophagous politicians feeding on the blood of the poor and the marginalized exploiting the wealth in the regions while discarding its inhabitants causing the people to survive with the minimum conditions of life and to suffer poverty and lethargic unemployment. The situation is aggravating due to the fascist tendency the system has taken with the assassinations of political militants Shokry Belayd and Muhammad Brahmy; the list is still open to more assassinations. Read the rest of this entry

TUNISIA: Anarchists Against Counter-Revolution in Tunisia


Protests in Tunisia

Protests in Tunisia

by Robert Graham

Protests have spread across Tunisiaafter the assassination of a leftist opposition leader, Chokri Belaid. The new Islamist government is also cracking down on the Tunisian anarchist movement, following the example of their brethren in Egypt. Recently, I have been posting selections from Kropotkin’s Words of a Rebel on the counter-revolutionary nature of representative and “revolutionary” governments. Here, I reproduce a declaration of Tunisian anarchists calling for libertarian socialism in Tunisia. Read the rest of this entry