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UK: Brixton. Eviction of Rushcroft Road

15.07.2013 (compilation of articles by Tahrir ICN)


This morning, a large operation involving the the police and High Court Enforcement Officers saw around 75 residents being evicted from their homes in Rushcroft Road, central Brixton.

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ITALY: Evitions of independent university spaces in Milan and Bologna

ExCuem bookshop eviction in Milan

201/05/10 by Struggles in Italy

ex-cuem_7-290x290 Ex Cuem was founded by a group of students at the University Statale di Milano. They reopened the CUEM, an independent 40 year-old bookshop that went bankrupt in October 2011 due to debt and false accounting, closing its 150m2 premises. CUEM’s closure created a monopoly for the sole remaining university bookshop, CUSL, well-known for its connection with the right-wing political and Catholic movement Comunione e Liberazione. Read the rest of this entry

FRANCE: Autonomous Social Center CREA, Toulouse


Presentation of the idea and activities of Collective for Requisition, Mutual Aid and Self-Management and its Autonomous Social Center established again and again, after each eviction,  in occupied public buildings to house immigrant homeless families and to create together a new egalitarian community.  Read the rest of this entry

GREECE: Communique by the squat Lelas Karagianni 37 about the reoccupation of Villa Amalias

January 11th, 2013

Repression can’t bend the militants

We are experiencing historical moments. Let’s act accordingly. A swarm of political lackeys of the local and international capital, consisted of fascists, thieves and impostors of all sorts, from the extreme right to the so-called democratic left – assisted by the controlled mass media and the parastate gangs -, has been shamelessly looting, oppressing and terrorizing the people. In order for their plans to succeed without a hitch they have imposed a state of emergency which is nothing but a political dictatorship camouflaged with a parliamentary cloak. The bankrupt political-economic system, in order to perpetuate its miserable existence or at least to buy itself time before its upcoming decomposition, wants to force the silence and submission of the plebian social layers by means of either manipulation and compulsion by the media propaganda or brute force and terrorism used on resisting people by state repression and parastate gangs. Read the rest of this entry

GREECE: Battle for the squats in Athens

Αrrested Anarchists in Villa Amalias, Athens

11 Jan 2013

The battle against the eviction of squats in Greece heats up as more occupations are attacked and dozens arrested. Read the rest of this entry

Occupied Italy

by Randomizer on Dec 6 2012

Squatting is in the news again. This time, as a consequence of a new UK law criminalizing the practice. In effect since November, the legislation could not have been passed at a poorer (to put it bluntly,) time. With the British economy in its fourth year of crisis, there was something especially cruel about the gesture. If you’re homeless, that’s your lot. Shelter is out of the question. Read the rest of this entry

UK: There is no housing shortage

There is no housing shortage

The Guardian today reports a rise in homelessness. This is a predictable (and predicted) consequence of benefits cuts, but it has nothing to do with a shortage of homes.

Posted by Joseph Kay Dec 5 2012

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