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SPAIN: Spain’s Micro-Utopias: The 15M Movement and its Prototypes (Part 1)


Image: Voces con Futura

Bernardo Gutiérrez

“The old protests, so dull and single-minded, have passed into obsolescence, and given rise to infinite possibility. We’ve rethought the concepts of action, protest, relationship, the public, the common…” Read the rest of this entry

SPAIN: MSR, Nazis disguised as revolutionaries



Maybe the name Carmen Martín Padial says you something. He held the second place on the list of Lleidas during the last Catalan elections. A vegetarian and an animalist, you may have noticed his unconventional speech.

Maybe you have also heard about collecting of food and toys for the most poor which are usually organized by the Igualada group. A good initiative in times of crisis, right?

What they do not say is that only the “Spaniards” can benefit from collected items. Read the rest of this entry

Interview with anarchist, Stuart Christie

March 21, 2013

image L-R: Stuart Christie, Luis Edo, Albert Meltzer, Doris Ellsinger

Stuart Christie has been an active anarchist through writing, publishing and action. He first achieved notoriety in 1964, when he attempted to assassinate the dictator, Franco. He was imprisoned for 20 years but freed only 3 years later thanks to an international campaign that included Jean-Paul Sartre and Bertrand Russell. In the 1970s, Stuart and Alfred Meltzer re-formed the Anarchist Black Cross (an organisation to aid anarchist prisoners), edited Black Flag magazine and – by and by – was acquitted of being part of the Angry Brigade. Below is an interview with Stuart, together with an extract from a book he wrote providing details of what happened on that fateful journey to Spain to assassinate Franco. Read the rest of this entry

SPAIN: Manifesto for 25A and the Base Document – Roadmap of the “En Pie!” Platform


(machine translation, the Spanish original below


We, ordinary people are sick of suffering the consequences of living under the dictatorship of the capitalist and patriarchal system, which takes shape in a clearly undemocratic regime, in which people are not only buying merchandise serving the powerful minority, and tired of supporting economic, social and political unsustainability in our country, which is dragging us as a society to live in a state of poverty completely unjustified and in a degree of suffering and lack of freedom absolutely intolerable, we join to write this manifesto and invited everyone to join our claims. Read the rest of this entry

SPAIN: A century of Spanish anarchism

November 30, 2012 by Eloise Horsfield

A century of Spanish anarchism

IN a busy Sevilla street, just yards from the world’s largest wooden structure – the Metropol Parasol – is a large office sign in striking red and black colours. Read the rest of this entry

CATALONIA: Communiqué for Anarchist Actions in Barcelona and Response to the Nihilist Comrades

Fri, 03/01/2013 – 15:17 — Anonymous (not verified)

Translated from Barcelona Indymedia

With this communiqué, we wish to claim the following actions, as part of a struggle for the destruction of the State, Capital, patriarchy, and any system of domination, a struggle for the free creation of voluntary and solidaristic relations at the global and local level; in other words, a struggle for anarchy. Read the rest of this entry

SPAIN: A Town of Utopia Called Marinaleda

by DOUGLAS HAMILTON May 2-4, 2010

Where Another and Better World is Possible

Around 100km east of Seville in Spain lies a small town of 2,700 people called Marinaleda. It’s one of many agriculture-based towns and villages in the province of Seville, surrounded by mile upon mile of flat, agricultural plains. What makes Marinaleda different, indeed from anywhere else in Spain and possibly Europe too, is that for the past thirty years it has been a centre of continuing labour struggle and a place where a living, developing and actual form of existing socialism has emerged. I had the fortune of visiting the town last week and at a time of deep economic crisis and political cynicism I couldn’t have been more impressed by its unique socialist achievements. Read the rest of this entry

SPAIN: Campaign – Health Service Universal For Our Health Service, For Your Health, For All.

Articles 41 and 43 of the Spanish Constitution recognizes as part of fundamental rights, the right to health protection, and state that the government “maintain a public Social Security for all citizens guaranteeing the adequate social assistance and benefits in situations of need, especially in case of unemployment. “ Read the rest of this entry




(published on September 2) Read the rest of this entry

Spanish ‘Robin Hood’ mayor becomes cult hero after ordering raids on local supermarkets – before handing out food to poor families


PUBLISHED: 01:10 GMT, 16 August 2012 | UPDATED: 16:01 GMT, 16 August 2012

A Spanish mayor has been hailed an austerity-era Robin Hood after directing trolley dash raids on local supermarkets – then handing food out to poor families. Read the rest of this entry