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The Gendered Body Public: Egypt, Sexual Violence and Revolution

Jan 28 2013   by Maia Mikdashi

We must acknowledge, sit with, and address the sexual violence that has, is, and will occur in and around Tahrir Square. How do we do this work in a responsible and ethical manner that is in solidarity with Egypt’s ongoing (and multiple) revolutions? How do we retain and respect political, economic, and social complexity in the face of the horrors of mass and public sexual assault? Read the rest of this entry

EGYPT: Women in Graffiti: A Tribute to the Women of Egypt

January 7, 2013

Pharaonic women in battle by Alaa Awad

Pharaonic women in battle by Alaa Awad

It’s a battle, being a woman in an Arab country, but perhaps the dire conditions makes us fighters. Since January 25, so many foreign reporters have waxed on about the awakening of Arab women in the Arab Spring; and how the revolutions liberated us/made us wake up and smell the coffee/made us throw off our headscarves and run happily through the meadows. Read the rest of this entry

In Egypt, Women Lead Fight Against Mob Sexual Assaults

By: Sarah El Sirgany. Posted on Fri, Dec 7.

Cairo — In the crowd, a group of men surround a woman. They close in on her, with hands groping every inch of her body, stripping her of her clothes and raping her with their fingers. The unstoppable frenzy of invading hands intensifies as the mob grows in size. Read the rest of this entry