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SPAIN: Manifesto for 25A and the Base Document – Roadmap of the “En Pie!” Platform


(machine translation, the Spanish original below


We, ordinary people are sick of suffering the consequences of living under the dictatorship of the capitalist and patriarchal system, which takes shape in a clearly undemocratic regime, in which people are not only buying merchandise serving the powerful minority, and tired of supporting economic, social and political unsustainability in our country, which is dragging us as a society to live in a state of poverty completely unjustified and in a degree of suffering and lack of freedom absolutely intolerable, we join to write this manifesto and invited everyone to join our claims. Read the rest of this entry

PALESTINE: Colonizer as Lender: A Statement on Palestine from Members of Occupy Wall Street and Strike Debt

26 March, 2013  by Jadaliyya Reports

[The following statement was issued by members of the Occupy Wall Street and Strike Debt movements. It was originally published in the fourth issue of Tidal magazine on 22 February 2013.]  Read the rest of this entry

Independent Palestinian Youth Movement – Manifesto

Monday November 14, 2011
Dear Brothers and Sisters,We, Herak Al-Shebabi Al-Mustaqil, an independent Palestinian youth movement working for the liberation of Palestine, are proud to stand in solidarity with those fighting global injustice, environmental degradation, and inequality.. We are proud to stand alongside those fighting corporate greed, military occupations that are profiting from wars. We are proud to be united with the Occupy Wall Street movement that began on September 17, 2011 in New York and has recently spread worldwide. Read the rest of this entry