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ITALY: When the enemy speaks blunt: a short note on last No TAV arrests

It came as no huge shock to us the police operation against four comrades – three males and one female – who were arrested on the 9th of December 2013, charged with the allegation of attacking the TAV [Treno ad Alta Velocità, High-Speed Railway] work site in Chiomonte, Valsusa, on the night of may 13th 2013. Read the rest of this entry

ITALY: NO TAV movement again under attack

Please, sign the following statement, circulate it widely and send it back to silvia.federici@hofstra.edu1000749_548326228562049_1824279790_n copy

Once signed, we intend to send it to a radical Italian paper, Il Manifesto, and to the websites of the No TAV Movement. Please, if you help collecting signatures, make sure they all are sent back to me. We are aiming to send a first two hundred -at least- by Friday. Thanks! Silvia Federici.

For twenty years in mountains of North West Italy, not far from Torino, a powerful movement has grown that has resisted the Italian government’s plan to build a high velocity railroad, which in addition to being very costly and economically useless would certainly destroy the mountain environment. Over and over, the NO TAV movement, now well-known throughout Europe, has come under attack by the police and the army, besides being the object of a smear campaign by politicians of almost every political stripe. However, so strong has been the determination of the people of Val di Susa and their many supporters to resist this assault on their land and their lives that so far no real construction has taken place and all that the companies in charge of the project have achieved has been to surround thousands of acres of land, belonging to the local population, with barbed wires and cops. Read the rest of this entry

ITALY: No TAV Movement

02/01/2013 · by

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No TAV  is a social movement set in the Susa Valley, near the city of Turin, in the North-West of Italy. This valley is the main gateway to Italy (Milan and Turin) from Paris. Since the beginning of the 90′s, a movement has developed against the construction of a new High Speed Railway ((Treno Alta Velocità) line that would cross the valley in order to link the city of Turin with the city of Lyon. This line is part of the Trans European Network (TEN), a European project of High Speed trains network divided into 11 “corridors” (the one concerning the valley is number 5, linking Lisbon to Kiev – at least hypothetically, since Portugal recently backed out from the project and other countries on its route are in a deep financial crisis). Read the rest of this entry