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Alan Hart : Is Palestine A Lost Cause?

September 4, 2012  Alan Hart

The main purpose of this article is to put some flesh on the bone of what I see as the Unless Scenario… Read the rest of this entry

Nakba is not only destroying Palestinian villages


While the destroyed Palestinian village and its way of life often provide the imagery for the Palestinian Nakba, it is the Zionist destruction of both Palestinian cities and the attendant urbanization processes which were so crucial for the Zionist movement and its temporal success. Eli Aminov uncovers a clouded history.


Palestinian city of Majdal, ethnically cleansed by the Israelis in 1950 and on the remains of which the city of Ashkelon was built (Photo: Palestine Remembered)

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Palestine: ‘Nonexistent occupation’ memes go viral in social media

As soon as the news about the Levy committee findings hit the web, social media networks in Israel were swamped with memes making fun of the fact that apparently there was no occupation to begin with. Here are a select few (I might add some more later if I find any good ones).



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“I can’t dictate methods of Palestinian struggle”: Israeli boycott activist interviewed

Aug 8

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Cecilia Dalla Negra  The Electronic Intifada 8 August 2012

Ronnie Barkan (right) is a leading organizer of the boycott movement within Israel.

(Anne Paq / ActiveStills)

Ronnie Barkan is a 35-year-old Israeli activist who fully supports the Palestinian call forboycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel. Having been involved in protests against Israel’s wall in the West Bank since 2004, he took his activism a step further by helping to found the organization Boycott from Within four years later. Read the rest of this entry

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Abbas – Israeli Man in Ramallah

Jul 28

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By  |Published July 18, 2012

Since his bid for statehood ended at the UN last September, Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, has become strictly an enforcer of the occupation. Read the rest of this entry

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