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Statement by Iraqi, Palestinians and other Arab intellectuals Condemning Iraqi government’s hypocrisy on Palestinian prisoners

November 28, 2012

An invitation from the League of Arab States : We are pleased to invite you to attend “The International Conference of Solidarity with the Palestinian & Arab Prisoners in Israeli Jails”, sponsored by the League of Arab States and hosted by the Republic of Iraq, which will be held on 11 & 12 of December 2012 in Baghdad.
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Iraq’s unveiled women face rising crackdown

By Dina al-Shibeeb, 22 Nov 2012


Hanaa Edwar, General Secretary of the non-government organization, Iraqi Al-Amal Association, says Iraqi women who choose not to war the headscarf are facing increasing discrimination. (Photo courtesy local Iraqi media)

Iraqi women who do not wear the Islamic headscarf, commonly known as the hijab, are increasingly coming under crackdown as conservative Islam gradually permeates the Iraqi political scene. Read the rest of this entry

Arab Surrealist Manifesto Against the War & the State

jim – October 16, 2002

Depth Squad Distro writes:

“Another Stupid War”

Will all great Neptune’s ocean this blood clean from my hand?
No; this my hand will rather the multitudinous seas incarnadine,
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