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GREECE: Interview with Conspiracy of Cells of Fire members

Short interview by Contra Info
translation counter-information network
with Conspiracy of Cells of Fire members,
ten comrades currently incarcerated in Greece
April 2013 Read the rest of this entry

GREECE: Patra: History of Parartima. “Parartima was and will remain liberated land”

06.08.2013 by Occupied London

History of Parartima

  (at the left corner its written: We want everything and for everyone )
The occupied space of “Parartima” (which belonged to the University of
Patras) is historically associated to severe social struggles. It was used as a
center of struggle for the first time in 1973, when it was occupied by students,
leftists, anarchists and other parts of society during the November uprising
against the junta (dictatorship). It has been the stronghold of intense
mobilizations, demonstrations, and conflicts against local fascists and it was
registered in the conscience of the local community as the main centre of
resistance against the junta. Read the rest of this entry

GREECE: The Greek workers who took inspiration from Argentina

by ROAR Collective on May 9, 2013

Post image for The Greek workers who took inspiration from Argentina

Photo: a worker-owner in the recovered IMPA factory in Buenos Aires.

Drawing inspiration from the Recovered Factories Movement in Argentina, the Vio.Me factory in Greece has begun production under worker self-management. Read the rest of this entry

GREECE: Greek anarchists on anarchist movement in Greece

Greek anarchists on anarchist movement in Greece
Jan 17 2013

Last weekend in the largest show of strength in over a decade thousands of anarchists marched to protest against the violent eviction of the squats of Villa Amalias and Skaramagka and Patision Sts in Athens and also the very repressive climate that police and state have created the last months in Greece. Read the rest of this entry

GREECE: Communique by the squat Lelas Karagianni 37 about the reoccupation of Villa Amalias

January 11th, 2013

Repression can’t bend the militants

We are experiencing historical moments. Let’s act accordingly. A swarm of political lackeys of the local and international capital, consisted of fascists, thieves and impostors of all sorts, from the extreme right to the so-called democratic left – assisted by the controlled mass media and the parastate gangs -, has been shamelessly looting, oppressing and terrorizing the people. In order for their plans to succeed without a hitch they have imposed a state of emergency which is nothing but a political dictatorship camouflaged with a parliamentary cloak. The bankrupt political-economic system, in order to perpetuate its miserable existence or at least to buy itself time before its upcoming decomposition, wants to force the silence and submission of the plebian social layers by means of either manipulation and compulsion by the media propaganda or brute force and terrorism used on resisting people by state repression and parastate gangs. Read the rest of this entry

GREECE: Battle for the squats in Athens

Αrrested Anarchists in Villa Amalias, Athens

11 Jan 2013

The battle against the eviction of squats in Greece heats up as more occupations are attacked and dozens arrested. Read the rest of this entry

GREECE: Statistics of austerity

Posted by Thrasybulus
Dec 24 2012

Greece: Statistics of austerity

As more loans have been released to the Greek state a combination of recent surveys and reports show the true effects of years of austerity. There has been across the board reductions in conditions and living standards for large parts of the Greek population. Read the rest of this entry

GREECE: Poverty and social exclusion rising

by Leonidas Oikonomakis on December 13, 2012

Post image for Poverty and social exclusion rising in Greece

Poverty and exclusion have exploded in Greece, while the government continues to assault workers. The question that arises is very simple: who benefits?

  Read the rest of this entry

GREECE: Anarchists under fear of death from police/fascists – call for solidarity

We publish an urgent appeal for help from Greek anarchists, who are currently being physically attacked by fascists and police and in fear of their lives. Read the rest of this entry

Greece: the antifascist response

Greece: the antifascist response

Posted by Trasybulus 22 Nov 2012

The far-right continues to grow in Greece but so to does the antifascist response. The last few weeks alone have seen antifascist actions across the country. Read the rest of this entry