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PALESTINE: Rejecting victimhood: the case for Palestinian resistance

By Rana Baker

We die like trees, standing up'. Courtesy of the artist Nidal El Khairy.

We die like trees, standing up’. Courtesy of the artist Nidal El Khairy.

Seeing rocket fire from Gaza as a counter-discourse. This method of resistance is less about fatalities than undermining privilege structures in an anti-colonial context.

I wonder whether, when the settler-colonial army of Israel is pounding Gaza, Palestinians should grab guitars, pianos, and white ribbons, look up at their oppressors flying over their heads in apaches and F16s, and sing a lullaby of peace. Perhaps, then, we can impress Middle East “experts” and “non-violent resistance” -mind you, I am using the V word- butterflies. I wonder, moreover, what authority, defined by what experience, entitles these experts and butterflies to ask us, the Palestinians, to put down our arms. Nonsense. Read the rest of this entry