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TURKEY: Our Rage is Growing, So Does Our Struggle!

11 July 2013 by Revolutionist Anarchist Action (DAF)

The going on occupation of the Taksim Square and Gezi Park has been attacked by the police this morning. After the meeting of the Council of Ministers yesterday, the police came to the square early in the morning at about 7 oclock, while shooting tear gas, the police made announcements that they are not going to attack to the park. Hundreds of police entered to Taksim Square pleading that there will be no attack to the park and saying that only the banners will be moved away. While the pankarts on AKM are moved away another group of police wanted to move away the tents on the square. The people wanted to stop the police and police attacked to the people with tear gas. Read the rest of this entry

TURKEY: Interview: Anarchists in the Turkish Uprising

04.07.2013 by traven


To follow up our coverage of the uprising in Turkey beginning from Taksim Square, we’ve conducted an interview with anarchists in İstanbul. They talk about the background of the revolt, the relationship between this uprising and others around the world, and its implications for the future of Turkey. Read the rest of this entry

TURKEY: WE ARE WINNING! – We have seen the beach beneath the stones we have carried the black flag of the revolution

The first statement on the uprisings in Turkey written by Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet (DAF, or Revolutionary Anarchist Action) and originally published in Meydan Gazetesi. Read the rest of this entry