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CYPRUS: Coup d’etat, War, Refugees, Dead, Occupation: Another “glorious” feat of Cyprus’ nationalists from both sides and their local and international bosses.

 July 20, 2013 by Συσπείρωση Ατάκτων

There have been 39 years already since the day that the turkish state invaded the cypriot land.

Many years of bicommunal and intra-community conflicts preceded this as the aspirations of the dominant nationalists of both communities were completely opposite. The peak of the conflict within the Greek-Cypriot community between the right wing sides of Makarios and Grivas was the military coup d’etat from the Greek Junta on the 15 of July 1974.  This coup d’etat essentially gave the opportunity to the turkish state to invade under the pretext of protecting the Turkish-Cypriot community. Even at the most conservative discourses of that time, there is no question that the developments in Cyprus were directly linked with the lethal chessboard of the cold war and that the invasion as a “solution” was predetermined, as it would prevent future conflicts amongst NATO allies (Greece and Turkey) and it would negate any possibility of Cyprus being in “red” hands. Read the rest of this entry

CYPRUS: Interview with Cypriots Anarchists regarding the crisis

March 28   by Glykosymoritis

Key points from the conversation between Radio 98FM (Greek alternative radio) and Syspirosi Atakton (Anarchist group in Cyprus). Read the rest of this entry

CYPRUS: “Neither the haircut, nor the hairdresser” – a text by cypriot anarchists regarding recent events on the island.


The haircut of bank savings and the other memorandum measures forthcoming
cannot be explained through the prism of a good or a bad management of the
economy. After all, only a week ago, the government of this place was in the hands
of the left-wing AKEL, which accepted and pushed through memorandum laws
without even having agreed on the final memorandum – and of course, without
ever receiving any money from the much-hyped loan. The vast disappointment
of the people for the financial decay was shown in the last elections with
the bringing about to power of DISY. Read the rest of this entry