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CATALONIA: Active Resistance Camp against development of the M.A.T.

2nd of September, 2013:

The active resistance camp against the MAT (very high tension electricity line) taking place near Girona has squatted a huge, antique, abandoned farmhouse near the village of Oriol, in order to give continuity to the struggle against this deadly project and the world which needs it. The resistance against the MAT has been active for more than a decade and has now reached a crucial point seeing that the construction of the line has now started in this area and is going ahead at a furious pace. Read the rest of this entry

CATALONIA: ‘Freedom’ for Catalonia.. 400km human chain.. an anarchist viewpoint


Catalans will try to form a human chain, holding hands along the entire 400 km seashore of Catalonia in the Spanish State. The demonstration is called by a non governmental organization the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) with the theme “Catalan way to independence” on Wed. September 11, the Catalan national day. The event aims to both challenge Madrid and make the Catalans’ voice heard in the world.    … continued below CGT article Read the rest of this entry

CATALONIA: Communiqué for Anarchist Actions in Barcelona and Response to the Nihilist Comrades

Fri, 03/01/2013 – 15:17 — Anonymous (not verified)

Translated from Barcelona Indymedia

With this communiqué, we wish to claim the following actions, as part of a struggle for the destruction of the State, Capital, patriarchy, and any system of domination, a struggle for the free creation of voluntary and solidaristic relations at the global and local level; in other words, a struggle for anarchy. Read the rest of this entry