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BULGARIA: Letters from Bulgaria

02.11 and 02.12.2013 by NN



Dear people,

I received a letter from a friend in Bulgaria. She has been close to the action since the start, and did a lot to help me understand the situation when I was there. What is happening in Sofia is definitely historic. People have been protesting since mid June, every day, same time, same place. Read the rest of this entry

BULGARIA: Bulgarian Summer

by postvirtual

44th day of Bulgarian protest

44th day of Bulgarian protest

Sofia, July 28

Dear people,

You notice the difference at the border. The Turkish side is super fancy, with neon lights and grand unified architecture that announces a proud nation on the rise. The Bulgarian side is a run-down dump that with a few shacks that nobody cared to replace since communist times. Inside one of the shacks it’s a mess. Apparently, a router had recently been installed and they never bothered to tidy up the wiring. The only piece of 21st century is the chip-reader for passports, for which the router was necessary. Everyone passes without a problem. When it’s my turn the border guard starts asking questions. I wonder what popped up on his screen. He seems reluctant to let me in. Read the rest of this entry

BULGARIA: Report of Anarchist Federation of Bulgaria on the situation after the last protests

3 April 2013

Comrades from abroad asked to send them our analysis of what is happening in Bulgaria. Without going into details, we tried to compound our vision for the development of the events and the determining factors. We tried also to summarize our vision of the tasks that the anarchists are facing today. Read the rest of this entry