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UK: Anarchists! Get Organised!

We are facing an unprecedented period of attacks against the working class. The Conservative-Liberal coalition have unleashed the full force of austerity upon us in order to help tighten the grip capitalism holds on society. Public sector cuts, the bedroom tax, benefit cuts and so on are merely different faces of the ugly beast known as neoliberalism. Unless we directly challenge these attacks on our standard of living we can only expect further cuts – all at the expense of the working class.

It is important that there is an specifically anarchist response to austerity for anarchism is a social and political movement with its roots in the struggles of the working class – those who are most effected by the cuts. We cannot allow the struggle against austerity to be left to authoritarian or state socialists or the liberal left (or worse the far-right and fascists); their response to the economic crisis is much of the same. Anarchism holds the only really answer for the emancipation of the working class from the exploitation of capitalism. Read the rest of this entry

The Kurdish Question: Through the lens of Anarchist Resistance in the Heart of the Ottoman Empire 1880–1923

Michael Schmidt & Lucien van der Walt

This study of recent anti-imperialist resistance in Kurdistan, looking back to the anarchist resistance in the Ottoman heartland in the period before the formation of the Turkish state, consists of extracts — kindly proof-read in part by Will Firth — from the forthcoming book by Schmidt & van der Walt, Global Fire: 150 Fighting Years of International Anarchism & Syndicalism, Counter-power Vol.2, AK Press, USA, scheduled for release in about 2011.

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