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On Sexual Poverty

A society based upon concentrated power and economic exchange impoverishes every area of life, even those that are most intimate. We hear a great deal of talk about women’s liberation, gay liberation and even sexual liberation within anarchist circles. And analyses of male domination, patriarchy and hetero-sexism are not so hard to find, but the reality of sexual impoverishment seems to be largely ignored, questions of sexual expression being largely limited to those surrounding monogamy, non-monogamy, poly-amory and other such issues of the mechanics of loving relationships. This limitation is itself, in my opinion, a reflection of our sexual impoverishment – let’s limit ourselves to speaking of such relational mechanics so that we can avoid the question of the quality of these relationships. Read the rest of this entry

An anarcha-feminists’ subjective perspective of anarcha-feminism

by Sophia Hildsdotter

Because anarchism is purported to oppose all usage of power and forms of oppression the term anarcha-feminsim should actually be unnecessary. All anarchists should, if they really meant what they said about being against all forms of oppression, work against, or at least not support, the oppression of women. That’s theoretically. However, our reality is that we are all products of our societal surroundings. It is also a fact that those who find themselves in a hierarchical position of power have a hard time accepting that a hierarchy even exists! Men do not recognise the oppression of women to the same extent or to the same degree that women do. Those who have power and privilege are in addition, often unwilling to relinquish these. Because of these reasons, many male anarchists have not activated themselves in the struggle against the oppression of women and, for these same reasons, it has become necessary for female anarchists to denote themselves as anarcha-feminists. Read the rest of this entry

Women’s Rights and Revolution in Yemen: A Local Perspective

Saleem Haddad

The role of women in Yemen’s Arab Spring has shocked international observers. In a country where the cultural, political, and economic gaps between men and women are some of the largest in the world, women did not simply ‘join’ the protests but were a leading force behind the cultural evolution that powered the revolutionary movement.

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A conversation with two Egyptian feminists

Sally Zohney and Mona Eltahawy sit down for a wide-ranging talk about women’s rights in Egypt

The Uprising of Women in the Arab World – Manifesto

معاً من اجل نساء ينعمن بالحرية، الاستقلالية، والامان في العالم العربي… TOGETHER FOR FEARLESS, FREE & INDEPENDENT WOMEN IN THE ARAB WORLD Read the rest of this entry

Nawal El Saadawi: Egypt’s radical feminist

Writer Nawal El Saadawi has braved prison, exile and death threats in her fight against female oppression. And she isn’t about to give up now.

Link to the movie 


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