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CATALONIA: Can Vies – One Solution Reconstruction!

04.06.2014 by Julius Gavroche

Can Vies – The Resonance of an okupation

…we need to abandon the view of autonomy that fantasizes uncontaminated enclaves of emancipation.

Stavros Stavrides

For over a week, thousands protested the eviction and partial destruction of the Can Vies Self-managed Social Centre in Barcelona, in the Centre’s neighbourhood of Sants, but also throughout the city and the country; an extraordinary testimony to the potential radical political life of okupied social centres.  Never simply the spaces that they physically occupy, they are the collective that self-manages them and the relations woven between the collective and broader communities, in an anti-capitalist politics.  Judgements of success or failure are precarious here, but the solidarity, resistance and creativity around the CSA Can Vies reveals that the Centre did far more than simply provide an alternative space for those  involved in the squat (something that always brings with it the risk of either ghettoisation or cooptation); it became over its 17 years a point of passage in a rich network of relations opposed to the capitalist urbanisation of Barcelona.  It contributed to shaping that opposition, to creating the subjectivities and social relations nurtured within it, such that it will survive its physical removal. Read the rest of this entry

UKRAINE: Against the regime in Kyiv and the junta in the East! AWU-Kyiv statement on the conflict in the Eastern regions

14.05.2014 by Autonomous Workers Union – Kiyev

There is a continuing confrontation on Ukraine’s territory between the groups of
local and Russian ruling class which play off the working people one against
another and stir up enmity, bringing the country closer to the state of civil war.
The events in Mariupol’ are the embodiment of this confrontation. Many people,

the combatants and civilians, contract military
staff and conscripts, as well as volunteers, have suffered on both sides of
the conflict as a result of the “anti-terrorist operation”.This is a critical situation for working people. The government treats all protesting
Anti-Maidan people alike: soldiers don’t understand who they shoot at, and the ones
who are being shot at don’t understand what they die for. Both sides of the condlict manipulate their

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CATALONIA: Riots in Barcelona after Can Vies eviction




On Monday, May 26, police from the Mossos d’Escuadra evicted the 17-year-old squatted social center Can Vies, starting at the atypically late hour of noon, perhaps due to heavy morning rains. Can Vies had an open eviction date, but the choice of day was to be expected as Sunday was elections for the European Parliament (which, incidentally, saw a sharp increase in the presence of far right and far left parties). The party in power never wants to start unpredictable conflicts in the weeks before an election, and the day after an election, the media is full of related news. Read the rest of this entry

FRANCE: Eviction of migrants camp in Calais

The eviction of refugee camps in Calais

The eviction of refugee camps in Calais

On 28 May the French authorities moved to evict 3 tent camps in the center of Calais. The camps have existed since October and house 650 people mainly refugees from Syria and Eritrea. People resisted the eviction and occupied the SALAM food distribution area. Calais Migrant Solidarity is calling on the continued support of the people and associations of Calais and for solidarity across Europe and the world. They ask for you to come and help, to contribute food and infrastructure, to stand at their sides when the police arrive and to fight the border here and everywhere! For more information see here Read the rest of this entry

UKRAINE: Excuse Me Mister: How Far Is It From Simferopol To Grozny?

14.05.2014  by AntiDote’s Laurent Moeri

“When the battle is over and the martyrs sleep, the cowards emerge from the alleys to tell us of their heroism.” – Graffiti in Homs, Syria

Prelude – Mission Impossible

What follows is an attempt at the impossible: a critical review of the situation in Ukraine, the involvement of Putinʼs Russia, and the international Leftʼs capacity (or lack thereof) to respond to social uprisings without repeating prescribed narratives. It is written on one sole premise: that the victims of an eventual military escalation in Ukraine will predominantly be ethnic minorities such as the muslim Crimean Tatars, marginalized groups such as the Sinti and Roma, and the working class—while bureaucrats in Brussels and the Czar and his clan in Moscow will continue to further their respective interests. To highlight the likelihood of this prediction, a comparison will be made between events in Chechnya and Crimea. Read the rest of this entry

UKRAINE: Anarchism in the context of civil war

05.07.2014 by Antti Rautiainen

On Friday, the 2nd of May, the House of Trade Unions in Odessa caught on fire. Altogether at least 42 people lost their lives during the clashes in the city, most of them in the fire and the others in streetfights. There is an excellent Russian language, eyewitness account of the events available here.

Events began to unfold when armed pro-Russian AntiMaidan fighters attacked a demonstration organised by football hooligans with nationalist sympathies. This attack resulted in lethalities, but soon the pro-Russians were overpowered. They escaped back to their protest camp in the Kulikovo field, but pro-Kiev demonstrators followed and lit the protest camp on fire. The pro-Russians then escaped to the House of the Trade Unions, which soon caught on fire. The fire spreading, is visible in this video. At the 2 minute mark, you can see a flame behind a closed window, making it plausible that some of the fires were started from the inside. For example, due to accidents with Molotov cocktails which were used by both sides during the fight. However, you can also see pro-Ukrainian nationalists throwing Molotov cocktails, making them at least partially responsible for the fire. Read the rest of this entry

ITALY: Mobilizing for the common: some lessons from Italy

by Jerome Roos on April 14, 2014RomeProtests

Saturday’s protest in Rome [12 April] was the latest in a series of actions around a common project. What can organizers elsewhere learn from Italy’s movements?

Tens of thousands of protesters marched on Rome this Saturday to denounce the austerity measures and economic reforms of Matteo Renzi’s new government and to restate their call for income, housing and dignity for all. Dozens were injured as clashes broke out towards the end of the march and police violently charged forward into the crowds, indiscriminately beating protesters and trampling over those who got caught in the way. What the police could not trample, however, was the resolve of the movements to step up their resistance in the wake of last October’s sollevazione generale (“general uprising”), which brought a hundred thousand people into the streets of Rome. Read the rest of this entry

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Interview with Lo*, an anarchist from Bosnia

b_140211111*Lo is an anarchist from Sarajevo

– It’s been 2 months since the start of the protest movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, what is happening with this movement now? Do people still organise citizens’ Assemblies [Plenums] and does the government hear your requirements? Read the rest of this entry

UKRAINE: Report from a visit in Kiev in April 2014

kiev-maidan-april-2014_26It seems that many perceptions of the Maidan-uprising and the internal dynamics inside and outside the Ukraine are twisted or wrong, especially concerning the aims and direction of the movement, the involvement of the left and the role and importance of the extreme right. The reaction of the left outside of Ukraine has been hectic, superficial, paranoid… to say the least. There are no strong links between the left in Ukraine and other countries (maybe except for Russia), so many left commentators relied merely on the media propaganda. This report aims to clear up misconceptions and explain what is going on. Read the rest of this entry

UKRAINE: Paul Gubariew – a “tribune of the people” in Donetsk, ie neo-Nazis on the side of Putin



Translation by Tahrir-ICN

We reported earlier exploits of Ukrainian nationalists. Now it turns out that the “other side” is crowded with nationalists and neo-Nazis.jcrop_BiJ1z_hCQAAGY0k

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