UKRAINE: Against the regime in Kyiv and the junta in the East! AWU-Kyiv statement on the conflict in the Eastern regions

14.05.2014 by Autonomous Workers Union – Kiyev

There is a continuing confrontation on Ukraine’s territory between the groups of
local and Russian ruling class which play off the working people one against
another and stir up enmity, bringing the country closer to the state of civil war.
The events in Mariupol’ are the embodiment of this confrontation. Many people,

the combatants and civilians, contract military
staff and conscripts, as well as volunteers, have suffered on both sides of
the conflict as a result of the “anti-terrorist operation”.This is a critical situation for working people. The government treats all protesting
Anti-Maidan people alike: soldiers don’t understand who they shoot at, and the ones
who are being shot at don’t understand what they die for. Both sides of the condlict manipulate their

“foot soldiers” with a particular cynicism, and because of this
the working people fight for the ideas that do not have anything in common with
their material, class interests. Ukrainian military units and other armed groups fight
for the senseless ideals of national-patriotism and “unity of a nation”, while separatists
fight for the creation of a new state and/or joining Russia. In all cases the aim is
the borgeois national state with its bureaucrats, police, judges, prisons, capitalists and paupers.Even now there are already dozens of victims and deaths as the consequence of
struggle between those two reactionary movements. Army incompetence, on
the one side, and the combatants’ depravity, on another side, increase the losses

The highest ranks of Anti-Maidan movement are generally made up of military
retirees, as well as senior police officials, which are loyal to the previous regime.
Therefore, the leadership of the “people’s republics” in the Eastern regions of
Ukraine may indeed be styled as the junta – the dictatorship of the law enforcement
and armed forces.

Fascist groups and criminals present in this movement make the overall character
of junta deeply reactionary and radically contrary to the class interests of the working
people in the Eastern regions.

Pro-Russian propaganda portrays separatist combatants as fighters of anti-fascist
resistance. According to this propaganda, “anti-terrorist operation” started by
Ukrainian government is nothing else but the attack of Ukrainian fascists from
“Right Sector”, whose role in these and many other events is disturbingly blown
way out of proportion.

“Right Sector” is a poorly coordinated coalition of several far-right organizations.
Its social structure consists of far-right youth and criminal groups. The social
structure of “people’s republics” combatants is mainly similar: teenagers,
gangsters and declassed elements. The popular appeal of “Right Sector”
in the present moment is very low (even lower than that of the totally discredited
Communist Party of Ukraine); moreover, “Right Sector” is in the state of
an undercover war with Ukrainian government.

Owing to the constant PR from the pseudo-antifascist international community,
“Right Sector” acquires the dreadful image of a powerful organization which
almost rules the Ukrainian state, which is obviously not true. But we are not
trying to minimize the problem of fascist movements in Ukraine. AWU repeatedly

emphasized the escalation of far-right violence, aimed particularly at leftists, as early
as 2012, during Yanukovych’s regime. AWU activists were also attacked. One of our comrades
was almost killed by the neo-nazis who had attacked him with knives.
Also, the location of this year’s May Day march had to be moved due to the threat
of clashes with far-right.Resisting the fascist movements has been one of the primary tasks of anarchist
movement in Ukraine for a long time. Unlike many post-Stalinist “antifascists”
in Western countries we know this problem firsthand and not from the Internet.
And yet, we and our comrades managed to organize May Day anarchist marches
with social, anticapitalist and antinational agenda in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Zhytomyr.

Anarchists do not intend to give ground to the nazis and to the right-liberal
government. It was AWU that organized the radical left protest campaign against
the “Bat’kivshyna” ruling party.

We are ready to continue the fight against the state, capital and the far-right who
protect them. But this fight is a hundred times more difficult when the state,
the church, police structures and fascist movements are united into one force. Such
is the situation in  Donbass, where the “army of Donetsk people’s republic” is headed
by Igor Strelkov, the Russian undercover man and a great fan of the historical Tsarist
White Guard movement; where the organizer of the referendum, the founder of
“Orthodox Donbass” movement, consults with the leader of the oldest post-Soviet
neo-Nazi movement,  legendary Aleksandr Barkashov; where activists of Anti-Maidan

manifest their solidarity  and respects to another icon of European fascists – Aleksandr Dugin;
where co-chairman  of the “Donetsk people’s republic government” Denis Pushilin openly regrets
the revolution of 1917 that put end to tsarism and calls it a “bloody disaster”.Social slogans did not fit into the manifests and official documents of separatists, while
there are many phrases about the class peace and the interests of the “small business”.

Criminal and fascist junta on the East at present organizes the tortures and abductions
of trade union activists.Nationalism is the deadly enemy of the working people. This is proved by the current
events in Ukraine, when fascists on both sides help the ruling class to physically fight
down the working people. The question is – how many victims and destructions are
needed before Ukrainian proletariat realizes it.

We demand from the Kyiv government to remove the troops from the cities
immediately,  and from the Eastern junta to stop terrorizing peaceful working people.
Our own goal is to keep up the resistance at all fronts and to build revolutionary labour

movement against all the odds.We call on our fellow Ukrainian workers to line up behind our common class interests,

among which are peace and solidarity, but not the senseless fight for keeping
the territories or their separation. Class struggle does not have anything to do
with the fight for redistribution of power. Whoever wins in the confrontation
between the government and separatists, – we will lose, that is why its boycott
is our priority. Ignoring the government’s decisions, renouncing the militarism,
striking and building the revolutionary labour movement – such are our weapons
against the war imposed upon us. We can count only on ourselves and the international
solidarity from other left-radical organizations. If we don’t start to rise now we will
face the most difficult times.No gods, no masters, no nations, no borders!
Workers of the world, unite!

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  1. The writers go to great lengths to show the reactionary nature of some named individuals involved in the separatist movement in the East. At the same time, they dismiss the idea that the fascist thugs of the Right Sector play any significant role in the pro-Kiev forces, but don’t even mention the much larger Svoboda party. The latter is also “fascist”, although “genocidal ethnic nationalist” might be a better description for parties and groups that upholds the memory of a movement, the OUN-Bandera, whose main accomplishment was that it “cleansed” the Poland-Ukraine border regions of ethnic Poles in 1943-44, killing about 70,000 Polish civilians, including thousands of children, in order to prevent the post-war Polish government from asserting a claim to those regions. That was done without any active encouragement or aid from the retreating German army that still occupied the area, although the earlier and continuing attack of the OUN-B on Jews and Russians was done in active cooperation with the German occupiers.

  2. “But we are not
    trying to minimize the problem of fascist movements in Ukraine.”

    Mr. Aarons,
    Did you bother to read the entire article? The writers’ positions are clear. They are promoting a new ‘Makhnovschina’ that is indigenous and opposed to both the reactionary right in Kyiv and the equally reactionary separatists. I admit, that this is a long-shot, given the opposing forces within and especially outside of Ukraine. But, it is the only hopeful path that I can imagine.

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