16 / Jan / 2014 by Bohdan Biletsky

“Direct action is the creation of a new consciousness, a break away from the bonds of hierarchy and oppression and alters our mind, emotions and spirit.”

Direct action in Ukraine

What’s Going On?

In November, thousands of people took to the streets to support European integration. They mobilized with the mythological idea of an association with Europe. The participants of the protests mostly saw the contract as a guarantee of prosperity, the equal rule of law and of true democracy. Few understood the complex conditions of the association contract or even familiar or informed with the basic regulations of it. On the other hand, after a ten-minute conversation with friends or random people that i normally would not encounter or get the opportunity to speak to, it was not difficult to detect their real Slavic Ukrainian class interests. This Euromaidan movement differs from a purely ideological thought of “language protests”, it is where the contents of the protest responded to the importance of expression.

During the crackdown of peaceful demonstrations, probably the first time in years, people are faced with a fresh breath of reality as they felt their skin beat with batons in this current police state. People have lost faith in the possibility of reforming the existing system. They are now seeking fundamental changes to the current system. Many people just unenthusiastically standing on the square and their eyes reveal the lack of faith so many have of the political opposition. Now people want to become their own independent political entity! So, what we have currently is a situation in which hundreds of thousands of people quickly politicized and showed fantastic self-organization, but very weakly understood the events clearly and their causes.

What is the role of the left in protest?

Comrades! People are now disorganized and in the dark! They have never before had the experience of participation in mass protests, they are silent and they have never before organized! They never had the opportunity to hear someone give an adequate description of the socio-economic reality we live in, they have never heard of the criticism of capitalism!

Left, the blood is from the nose, you have to very actively involved with the protest! Who will explain to the people the essence of a systemic crisis of capitalism? Who will organize a high-quality and effective opposition? Who will offer a reasonable alternative to social order? This knowledge and experience can not occur without proper intellectual correspondence and in a militant environment! And our first task is to create it.

Why do so many left-wing activists and researchers remain passive or are working at half-strength? I am convinced that the main reason for this happening is a distorted perception of reality and a lack of organizational experience. In addition, total unmotivational energy is further fueled by the vibrant presence of neo-Nazis and politicians at protests.

Two months of protest so far and nobody has done a thorough analysis of class structure of the participants of the protest. Similarly, no one has tried to understand the ideological confusion of the Square. Ask yourself the question: what are the demands put forward of the people struggling? What changes do they want to see happen? As far as the demands, are they of expressing their class interests? Is the cause of the resistance of the class interests? Why are people shouting “glory to Ukraine!” and “death to the enemies!” Why not instead of the slogan “Ukraine above all” is emphasized in importance more than saying, “human rights are above all”? Why are there stickers that read “Freedom is not a party,” and why are there anti political leftist posters at St. Michael’s after the crackdown which gathered several thousand supporters? In my opinion, all this proves discursive instability of the protests. This creates ideal conditions for the struggle for hegemony of the public. I am confident that we have the most objective conditions to shift the focus of the protests to the social and economic problems. While the level of organization of the left were not fully prepared for mass protests. Our everyday experience of struggle was reduced to a few rallies addressing equality versus deformation of. Times change the perspective and methods of resistance! Remember what we want and think what we need to do! We need to build a classless society and authoritative powerlessness. We must prepare and begin a revolution!

What should you do?

Revolution requires stunning effort! It is impossible to build momentum with only ten people. The anti capitalist movement needs to become massive and wide spread. This requires the work of many people. So all the free time you have should have a focus on activism! We can not put off the importance of this all, our futures depends on real changes happening and whether we starve from hunger or not. There is very much at stake and you can not procrastinate, become lazy or afraid. It is up to us whether there is a productive protest wave of participants with enthusiasm and abilities to create real changes. If people are completely disappointed in the protest and do not find an alternative, we will find it difficult to raise them to resist again. At least in the last five years we have not had such a cause to raise so many people!

The consciousness of the people in direct action is the fastest and most reliable creator of changes. It is a revolutionary practice that opens eyes to the repressive mechanisms of the Government and capitalism. Those who want restriction of the shackles of power must be ready and prepared to help comrades, if we stifle, the shackles become stronger. Therefore, we work side by side with people on the Square and we stand at the barricades, live there, go to meetings, prepare food and organize action. We can only change people’s minds in a common struggle. We need to get involved in work on existing initiatives and create new ones. We need to invent a new vocabulary that will scare and confuse people. We need to be revolutionary in content, not the tradition. Our vision needs to be strategic. Our activities must be systematic, multi-vector and well coordinated. We have to be patient and persistent. We must work!

Original story by Bohdan Biletsky of #leftmaidan’s New Left Opposition ВІДОЗВА ДО ЛІВАКІВ-Богдан Білецький

Source: rawr.indyradio

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