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02.11 and 02.12.2013 by NN



Dear people,

I received a letter from a friend in Bulgaria. She has been close to the action since the start, and did a lot to help me understand the situation when I was there. What is happening in Sofia is definitely historic. People have been protesting since mid June, every day, same time, same place.

“Here we are not giving up. It is true that September and October were quieter than the first months. The people got tired and feeling a little hopeless, because little by little it is becoming more and more clear that ALL of our politicians are simple marionettes and there are other people pulling the strings from outside (not that it wasn’t clear before that :)) and our country and all the institutions in it are like a big joke.

BUT as I said, we are not giving up – there is a new wave of protests – on a different scale and it is growing, oh yes it is! There were some big public actions a few weeks ago. For example at the qualifications for the World Cup – during a game in the National stadium on the 14th minute more than 30 000 Bulgarians were screaming “Resign”  together.

Dayu 139. Sofia University occupied. Via @enough14

Day 139. Sofia University occupied. Via @enough14

The Prime minister has not used the main entrances to go in or out of a building in the past 4 months, because there is always someone to greet him with booing and inconvenient questions. He is using the back entrances where they take the trash out.

The main building of Sofia University was taken over by some students, who have locked it up and there are no classes for 10 days already, no one can enter and exit freely and it will stay like that until the government resigns. In the past four days the other universities have started joining in to this action, not only in Sofia but in the whole country. There are also a lot of people on the streets again and more and more are joining in with different ‘attacks’ against the government and the whole oligarchic machine! So the people’s will is growing stronger and bigger, the voice of the simple Bulgarian is getting louder.

Some journalists have lost their jobs, for asking the ‘wrong’ questions, but now more and more journalists, artists and intellectuals are personally and publicly joining the protests. And the people still want to keep it peaceful :) there are other ways to put pressure..

And as I’ve told you earlier in our conversations – something very significant is happening – one nation is waking up after a very long time of sleep and obedience – this process takes time, but it has already started :) It feels so good! I just hope that the people will not get tired, hopeless and ‘fall asleep’ again… We will see…”


Solidarity from Amsterdam. Via@christzolov

Solidarity from Amsterdam. Via@christzolov


22 Nov. Liberty leading the people, Bulgarian version via @Vi_Ninua22 Nov. Liberty leading the people, Bulgarian version via @Vi_Ninua

the course of the past few weeks.

“I am wondering how I can summarize the whole situation… It is not like Turkey. Not yet. This story with the riot police is actually ridiculous. Yes, there is a protest every single day, no matter if there are 30 or 3000 people, as the number varies each day, we are not skipping a day. A lot of people came out on the street on 10 November, because it is the anniversary of the big protests of 10.11.1990 when we took the regime down (or at least we thought so :)) the next few days were also quite intense and the politicians feared that the situation from 24 years ago would repeat itself, so they mobilized all the police in Sofia and a few other big cities. There were some clashes between police and people, but not too bad, even though that was the idea of this whole circus. What is ridiculous about it is that at some point there were more policemen then protesters on the square, pushing people away, threatening instead of protecting the citizens (what is their actual duty). So the reaction of the students was to come out on the square in the next few days and play “terrorists” with cardboard weapons and gas masks in order to deride the reactions of the police and the Parliament, who treated us as violent criminals the previous days for no reasons. There are different actions every day apart from the regular protest, unfortunately not enough people are participating.”


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