GREECE/SYRIA: The Greek Nationalist Socialists that are fighting alongside Asaad’s regime are far more dangerous than Golden Dawn

28.09.2013 by Panagiotis Liakos

Believe it or not there is a far more dangerous extreme right group in Greece besides Golden Dawn. It’s name is Black Lily and they are a Nationalist Socialist organisation that organise themselves in a non hierarchical, horizontal, democratic platform structure but without  democratic aims or ideas in mind!!
A little insight on them can be read in the following interview contacted a couple of months ago by a journalist for the right/far right Greek daily “Democratia”!

They are hard line National Socialists. They do not hesitate to use guns to defend their ideological believes. They produce propaganda and they do not hesitate to use direct action as means of highlighting their politics.
They co ordinate their actions through their blog “Mavros Krinos” (Black Lily) On June 15th they organise such an action using this blog and attack – bathing him with some fizzy drink – minister of Greek government Evangelos Venizelos in Paris, on their blog they claimed responsibility for the action right after the attack by stating that the attacker was a “Greek autonomous National Socialist comrade” of theirs. In Syria members of “Black Lily” are not using words or bathing people with cans of fizzy drinks.
 In Syria they are armed and dangerous. A whole platoon of volunteers are fighting side by side with Assad’s government forces.”Democratia” newspaper journalist Panagiotis Liakos contacted Stavros Libovisis member of the editorial group of “Black Lily” and in an interview asked him about the involvement and role of the organisation in the Syrian conflict and received some very interesting answers.

 What is the name of the collective you represent? And what’s it’s role in the creation of the Greek volunteer force fighting on Assad’s side in Syria?

 The collectives name that I represent is ‘ Black Lily ” a Greek National Socialist organisation with autonomous running and structure. We have been in touch with our Syrian brothers in arms for years now and that has played an important role in our today’s presence fighting along their side.

 How many fighters are currently reside in Syria? Are they there fighting out of ideological motivation or they are just mercenaries?
When you feel deep inside you the sense that you belong somewhere your motivation and presence there can be only in purely ideological grounds, money does not come into play what so ever. Therefore the only reason for us to be there fighting alongside our Syrian brothers in arms is to help them defend the soil of a friendly nations people, showing our solidarity in practise against an age-old foe. The Greeks volunteers is estimated to be the size of a platoon, to answer the first part of your question.
 What is their social and professional background? Do they have any experience on any other armed struggle the likes of Iraq, Kosovo, Afganistan?

Working class Citizens army highly politicised that reject corrupt party politics and at the same time understand very well the plans of international authority and global loan sharks. On the second part of the question, they have not been participated on any other armed struggle in recent years.

 Have they seen any action and if yes have they got any casualties?  
Since 2011 that the capitalist web start constructed around the body of proud Syria, fighters from all over Europe joined the ranks in of the Syrian Army and Civil Defence in mass, among them many Greeks. Greek fighters have participated in all major battles that commenced in South and West of the country the last two years and so far no casualties have been reported. It’s not a coincidence that in the fierce battle that took place in Al-Quasar beside the praise for the heroic Hezbollah, the Greek fighters received credit for their bravery as well.
How the local population sees your presence there? What is their thoughts of Greece in general?
Syria has been named besides South Italy, “Great Greece” and the feelings of the ordinary Syrian people cannot been described in a couple of lines. A massive part of the population is of Greek extraction and is very disappointing that no one cared to support them all these years from the Greek corrupt state.
Regarding the Syrian Christian Orthodox that are chased by the Islamists fundamentalists, have they help with the armed struggle against the rebels?
Syria is a mosaic of nationalities and religions that the Baath party successfully protected during the years of Hazef al-Asaad and Bashar al-Asaad. The majority of the Syrian people – including the reports of Western governments- supports the regime and rejects the plans of the bloodthirsty imperialists that want to turn the country into a capitalist brothel and a market for the likes of McDonald’s and Starbucks. Syrian orthodox are fighting in the front line for a free nationalist Syria and they are distinguished for their bravery on counter attacking the intoxicated addicts of the mercenary Salafists of Al-Qaeda.

What’s the reason for the conflict in Syria to your opinion? What you think is going to be the outcome?

 This is just another episode in the expanding global dictatorship of the American-Zionist war machine after the collapse of the USSR and there is a good chance Syria to be it’s first geopolitical defeat since the Vietnam war. Some of the reasons for conflict is the protection of the murderous Israeli state interests, the race for the exploitation of the rich natural resources of the area and the hate of the Emirs of the gulf for Syria among other things. The Syrian people at the end will prevail because they are on the defence of nation and truth!

 In the groups of volunteers ( or mercenaries) are lots of Europeans. How many are they?And are they coming from nationalist or extreme-right wing parties and organisations?
 The exact number of European fighters here is hard to pin point, but in recent times thousands of Russians, Ukrainians and Pols declared themselves ready to fight alongside the “The Lion of Syria” i.e Bashar al-Assad. We distance ourselves from the term “extreme right” for all these people, because traditionally the “bourgeoisie extreme right” has no connection with national-revolutionary ideas. Indeed some Europeans participate and support parties and various movements of the so called “Nationalist Autonomy”.

Are they any US volunteers on Assad’s side?
We do not know if they are any US citizens on the side of the Nationalist army, but we know for a fact that they are plenty of these cannibal fighters on the side of the so called “Free Syrian Army”.
On the battle that took place in Al-Qusayr we found loads of ID documents and passports on the dead bodies of the compatriots of Barack Obama, that fellow that is so admired by Mrs Rena Dourou of SYRIZA.

For all these that you’ve heard that happened in Syria so far, what is the incident that shock you the most? Have they been any massacres that we haven’t watched in the western media?
 The drama of the Syrian people brings in memory the suffering of the Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis and Serbians with the thousands of casualties in the previous decades a result of the actions of the Wall street “hawks” and the American-Zionist foreign policy. It’s unbelievable how quiet has been the Greek Orthodox church of Archbishop Ieronymos and Patriarch Bartolomiou on the continuous pledges for help by the Syrian Orthodox people. Everyday civilians and prisoners are sadistically executed , women and children are being raped, towns and villages set on fire only because they refuse to accept  the imposed Sari ah law of the mercenaries of Qatar and Saudi Arabia and for all these atrocities you won’t hear a word on any western radio or television.

 What do you think will be the fate of the kidnapped Syrian Orthodox bishops?
  We find it quiet hard to believe that they will survive the uncontrollable mania of the mercenaries, the western media often hide the tragic end of that kind of incidents because they are afraid of the reaction of religious communities and at the same time expose the people behind the plans of a wider explosion of violence in the wider Middle east area. We call all these people with open minds to support by all means the patriotic forces of Syria and understand that they have to ready themselves for the incoming storm that approaching towards them fast because of the plans of the local Zionist occupation government back home.
By Panagiotis Liakos source  δημοκρατία   translation by glykosymoritis

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