TUNISIA: Amina leaves FEMEN for Islamophobia

20.08.2013 by CORDÉLIA BONAL translation by Tahrir ICN



A young Tunisia, arrested and released in early August, leaves the movement but not her fight.

“I do not want to be in a movement where there is the dubious money. And if it was Israel that funded? I want to know. And I do not want my name associated with Islamophobic organization. ” In a interview published on Tuesday the HuffPost Maghreb, Amina Sboui, the young Tunisian who has spent a little over two months in prison for the tagged word “FEMEN” on the wall of a cemetery, announces that it separates from the movement. “I did not like the action where the girls shouted “Amina Akbar Akbar FEMEN” in front of the Tunisian embassy in France or when they burned the flag in front of the Tawhid Mosque of Paris. This has affected many Muslims and many of my relatives. We must respect each person’s religion. ”

The young woman did not prevent the FEMEN its decision before this interview. The leader of the movement, Inna Shevchenko, interviewed by Liberation, said she is not surprised. “We knew that the prison broke Amina. It is common for a person under pressure down the arms and to distance. Other FEMEN activists who were arrested had the same reaction. ” Militant regrets Amina has “betrayed the thousands of women in several countries that have désabillées to support during the campaign” Free Amina ” who clashed with Islamist representatives for her. It is thanks to this campaign Amina is out of jail. ” Inna Shevchenko particularly concerned Amina do not play the Islamists: “Now they can use the decision she regrets to say and use it against other women in Muslim countries. ” The FEMEN have always rejected the repeated accusations of Islamophobia, claiming such a move “atheist, against all religions, against all their principles involving the rights and freedoms of women ” .

Yet, far from low profile Amina Sbouijust published a few days ago a new photo on the website of FEMEN, topless and cigarette ready to light a Molotov cocktail, the torso encased a message denouncing the model of the Ennahda party in Tunisia:

The anarchist sign painted in pink on her shoulder is not a coincidence: as she explains in the interview, Amina could incorporate another movement, Feminism Attack, anarchist inspiration, born in the spring. The movement said in its manifesto aimed at “rependre ideas libertarian anarchists to find radical solutions to social and political as well as threats to the position of women in society issues.”

Amina has participated in one of their actions a few days ago in Tunis. The activists planned to paint on the walls of the Ministry of Culture:

In the interview with HuffPost, the young woman said that “anarchy does not mean break everything but break the system.” “My problem is not able to wear a mini skirt here. I know I can always do. But tomorrow, a woman can become President of the Republic, in rural areas, women are not the ones who suffer the most. ”

After a long legal career, Amina Sboui was released on parole on 1 st August. However, it remains charged with “desecration of cemetery”, punishable by two years’ imprisonment. The trial date is not yet known. The young Tunisian, who posted pictures of her topless on Facebook, was arrested on May 19 at Kairouan, where she had come to challenge the jihadists of Ansar al-Sharia, which were that day will hold their conventions . She was initially sentenced to 150 euro fine for possession of pepper spray. As soon as this sentence, the prosecutor had initiated new proceedings.”

Source: liberation


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