SPAIN: Document of Claudio Lavazza on initiatives of resistance in Spanish prisons


Document of an anarchist prisoner Claudio Lavazza on some initiatives of resistance in Spanish prisons:

Teixeiro, 07/02/2013

Dear comrades, I send you a translation of a document from March to April 2013 on the struggles against torture and ill-treatment in Spanish prisons that we are carrying out, to let you know what happens in these parts.

In October, 2011, a group of prisoners in various jails of the state, organized themselves to start a fight against torture and ill-treatment in prisons. The proposal came after several months of debate and exchange of ideas between prisoners and external support groups, tactics and strategies to use in this fight.
The joint actions that were agreed were symbolic hunger strikes on the first day of each month, followed by a written complaint to the Congress of Deputies (because of their political responsibility and complicity), the Defender of the People (equivalent to the Guarantor NDT) and committees Geneva and Strasbourg.
The solidarity work of support groups outside was to establish a coordination outside-inside prisons, to ensure that the information be circulated as effectively as possible. To this end, we created a network of lawyers in solidarity, in order to legally protect the comrades in struggle against retaliation of the penitentiary institutions.
The main objective of this struggle was to denounce the reality that exists within the prison walls, the struggle carried out collectively by groups of inmates in and support of fellow out, launching the message to the public, that prisons are the symbol of ill-treatment in their entirety, and that torture is not only physical but also psychological. The dispersion, isolation, the FIES regime, life imprisonment,  health abandonment, the use of experimental drugs, censorship on the oral and written communications, ill-treatment of  families, the existence of male guards inside the women’s prisons, the blackmail of therapeutic sections (where the detainees who are forced to behave like a jailer), the blackmail of exit permits etc etc …
After a year and a half of symbolic struggles, the campaign continues despite the number of prisoners in struggle is not increased (between 40 and 60 spread across 20 prisons). However, it has reinforced a form of permanent resistance in prisons and a reason to fight it out, with constant complaints, meetings, principals, marches, publications, faxing prisons, which occur episodes of torture, breaking the silence and the ‘isolation trying to make the institutions on the reality that we live.
During this period, some of the detainees have made hunger strikes per week,  and in some cases of 15, 40 and even 80 days.
Signatures of support for the campaign were collected in various prisons, then sent to the Congress of Deputies, who cynically (as expected) responded by arguing that “there is no torture in the Spanish state, and therefore the claims are baseless.”
Although there have been major initiatives either inside or outside, it is a long struggle and constant in continuous conflict with the prison system.
The prison is the most hard with which the system tries to impose its regime of repression and domination who does not fit the rules and disciplines imposed. Its existence is tied to the state.
We all: prisoners and the free, we live in a prison-state system that strikes us. The support and solidarity to the prisoners should be common practice for all those who struggle for freedom and call themselves anarchists.
Prison and Torture are equal
Solidarity with prisoners in struggle.

Claudio Lavazza
Č.p. Teixeiro module 11
Carretera de Paradela s / n
15310 Teixeiro-Curtis
A Coruña

Translation by Tahrir ICN

Source:  informa-azione

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