EGYPT: Neither religious-fascist pest, nor Military Cholera

Statement by Coordination of Anarchist Groups CGA (France)

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Since more than 2 years, the counter-revolution in Egypt came in the form of the power sharing between 2 sectors of the state and the bourgeoisie. On one side, the muslim brotherhood, which stood for the spare wheel of the mercantile bourgeoisie and occidental states to prevent any social revolution, were running civil affairs. On the other side, the army, standing for the backbone of the egyptian state, kept a key position in egyptian economy, trhough monoopoles, but also in the political power structure.

This objective alliance was built at the expense of the egyptian working class and popular classes, but also at the expense of women, religious minorities, as welle as all of those who desired freedom and social equality. This alliance relied on a bloody repression, made of assassinations, arrests of union and working class activists, the use of rape as a weapon of political terror, the banning of workers strikes.

Insofar, the struggle for power between this 2 parts of the ruling classes never stopped. The muslim brotherhood thus removed the general Tantaoui, from the Supreme Council of armed force (SCAF), last November, whithout however questionning the military power, and using it against popular revolt.

Nonetheless, the revolt against religious fascism, against the power of the army, and an increasingly dramatic social situation for the working class, escalated steadily. In that context, the muslim bortherhood stopped to be seen a credible spare wheel against popular anger by a fraction of the bourgeoisie and to the occidental states.

The 2nd of July, the Egyptian army therefore forcibly took the power, putting an end to is objective alliance with the muslim brotherhood. It thus instrumentalise the popular revolt for its own interest, foreign from the interest of the popular classes, of the women and religious minority. But it cannot obscure its pasts abuse, as well as its economical power position.

The situation shows clearly the need for the popular classes to organise on an autonomous way to avoid the instrumentalisation of their struggles and sacrifices. As our egyptian comrades stated :

“What’s happening now is nothing else than a musical chairs game between two parties fighting for (state) power ; these two parties seeks to instrumentalise the revolutionnary movement to make a political profit out of it, the revolutionnary movement is played by rival forces who are fighting for (state) power . The masses can assure their power only if they organise by themselves, and unite against the competing forces that deprives them of their right to practice democracy being free to take anay decisions that affect their life. The enemies of the revolution are the (state) power and everyone who struggle to take it, the brotherhood, the clergy, the business men, the military !”
(Socialist libertarian movement, June 25 th, 2013 )

Solidarity with the Egyptian popular movement, solidarity with the Egyptian libertarian socialist movement!

Neither secular dictatorship, nor religious dictatorship : Popular self organisation !  


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  1. Self-organisation is the first act of the revolution; it then becomes an obstacle which the revolution has to overcome:

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