TURKEY: Press Release by Resisting Artists


In the process initiated by the Gezi Park resistance, as filmmakers, artists and writers of this country, we condemn censoring and biased attitudes, that disregard principles of neutral and objective journalism, of all mainstream television channels, especially NTV, CNN Türk, Habertürk, Kanal D, ATV, Star, Show TV and TRT, and of some newspapers, especially Star, Sabah and Habertürk, that have always defined themselves as Turkey’s prominent, objective media institutions.

The Gezi Park Resistance and the protests all around the country are actions, that independently from all political parties, spontaneously arose out of the people’s common conscience, symbolizing an awakening of consciousness in Turkey and in all the world against the regime of oppression that imposes every day its own authoritarian presence. The common aim of those who participate to these totally peaceful actions is to claim their right to a life of freedom, and the right to contribute to the decisions about the place they live in, their own city and natural environment.

Much to our surprise and regret, we observed that the mainstream media companies, possibly in order not to oppose to the political authorities and business magnates, have featured almost nothing about this resistance movement or the provocative and aggressive approach of the police against this movement, sometimes going as far as trying to kill people. However, as we all witnessed, this disregarding approach of the media served only to reveal to Turkey and all the world the hidden agenda of those who disdain and try to subvert the resistance.

We invite all concerned media companies to immediately leave their historical complacency, to broadcast and publish with principles of unbiased and objective journalism, and to contribute to the establishment of a democratic and free media. This is a historical moment, and an independent media will lay the grounds of trust and freedom for all of us. We will continue to be actively engaged in this process.

Source: whatishappeninginistanbul

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