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Our sentimental brother Mr. Arinc (islamist Turkish politician, Vice-Prime Minister) has said that «some anarchist groups were coming to cause destruction by using May 1st as an excuse; they were planning to use these celebrations in order to cause destruction against our government, our state. Our police and security forces were aware of their plans and that is why we forbade them to enter Taksim».

We guess when the «there are construction works going on, nails might be stuck on your feet» excuse did not work, he tried to use the «there are anarchists» option. Well, finally the era of perceiving anarchists as entertainment objects while talking about May 1st has come to an end.

Our friends’ second appearance at the court will take place in a few days. If you remember last year they were detained with the allegation of «1st May conspiracy» ; their first court hearing was on 25th January. 40 people who will appear in court include anarchists, anti-authoritarians, and animal rights activists. Their second hearing was adjourned to May.

We know that this case will be ignored by the left-socialist press, once again. When it comes to the anarchists, left-socialist groups and the press do not see, hear or talk about us.

Anyway, let’s go back to our subject.

First of all, from left to right, above to below, everyone should learn this fact that May 1st is not a celebration, it’s a day of resistance!

On 1st May 1886, the US state sentenced 5 anarchists to death by hanging. Anarchist workers led the strike in Haymarket square. The starting point of 1 May is mass resistance and defiance against exploitation. Until this exploitation is eradicated, workers would only be fooling themselves with celebrations. If the state, aided by capitalism and fascism, tells the trade unions and left-socialist parties “ok, take this as a holiday once a year, get together, shout and scream, shout slogans, dance, wave flags, march with your child on a sunny May day, then go back home and continue living your reality”, then May 1st has lost its meaning. If the left-socialist parties and trade unions are colluding with this discourse knowingly or unknowingly, then they are betraying themselves.

Was there anyone in that square, especially among the trade union members and civil servants, who has not been exploited by the banks, which make them dependent on credit cards, mortgage system, car loans, confiscating their salaries, and using the protective shield of the state while doing that?

Mr. Arinc mentions a group of anarchists’ action last year, which the press referred to as “anarchists attacking the bank branches”; it was not an attack but a defence. A group of anarchists wanted to attract attention to the attack of the banking system, which is the spine of capitalism and exploitation. They acted with the principle of an individual’s right to self-defence.

Yes, anarchists changed the discourse. Yes, anarchists in Turkey went to the square in such a manner for the first time. And yes, just like in other parts of the world, anarchism put its roots in this soil and the state noticed that.

Anarchists do not create chaos and disorder. The current system itself is chaos and disorder. All the systems created from above are systems of chaos. The history of mankind is the history of chaos. Anarchists with their words articulate the denouncement and end of this chaotic system, which the elites show as ‘orderly’. Your salary My Ardinc is 17.000TL. But your laws determine the minimum wages for other people to 700TL. This is what chaos is Mr. Ardinc, created by your people. The system, which you approve and help to perpetuate, itself is disorder. This is why you are right to be scared.

Anarchists do not destroy. They try to correct the already attacked and ruined. The first whisper that went out to the world was Proudhon’s statement of 150 years ago: “theft is not to rob a bank, but to establish it”. Today these whispers bring the storm. Broken bank windows, cash machines, exploitation centres, shopping centres, broken corporate offices are not destructive actions. Those banks, shopping centres, multinational companies are the ones which attack and destroy human lives. You have installed slavery through the banking system; installed more and more consumerism via shopping centres, ultimate exploitation via multinational companies; these are the destructive forces. The system you support is destroying human lives. You are destroying the whole world either with an Islamic state, liberal or socialist state.

But you know all these very well Mr. Ardinc! Anarchists know these very well, too.

PS: Governor Avni said «look, the Turkish Communist Party held celebrations in Kadikoy very nicely. You should have done the same». His words formally prove that the TKP has finished.

Anarchists in Turkey

Source: eagainst


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