SYRIA: FSA statement to Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood


This statement is issued by the Free Syrian Army joint leadership, addressed to Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood. Statement published beginning of April 2013.

We hold you responsible for delaying the victory of the revolution and the fragmentation of the opposition

There is a deep confrontation between you and the secular, revolutionary, national, political and military forces. We are issuing this statement only because your behavior and conduct as a group, from the beginning of the revolution, especially your monopoly on the Syrian National Council and then the National Coalition and attempts to control relief and military affairs has led people in several Syrian cities primarily Damascus and its countryside to say ‘enough is enough’. Hearts became filled with things you wouldn’t expect or believe, and this will have negative consequences on the revolution and Syria as a country and also on the future of the organisation (MB) in terms of its relation with the people. You don’t have the right to hijack the revolution and try to control it at a critical time.

There is a sense of abhorrence (against MB) among the majority of political, secular and revolutionary forces on the ground and outside the country due to your conduct and methods, including marginalization, exclusion. You don’t own this revolution and you had not made it. The revolution has been made by the people who are paying with their blood and lives and security and stability and resources. Everyone is aware how the SNC was formed and how you handpicked its members and how certain people were given the label “national figures” to dominate the council, like changing turbans but the head is one. This is unacceptable, you don’t have the right to provide national indulgences (patriotism labels). We are all equal, don’t treat people as though they were fools.

Syria in terms of ethnic and religious demographics makes it difficult for the monopoly of one group on the revolution now, or in the transitional period and later. Political programme, together with honesty and integrity, is what guarantees your future in Syria.

Several groups hold you responsible for delaying the victory of the revolution. You believe that you will control Syria in the future after your rise elsewhere. Your failure in Egypt is a lesson you can learn from, and Syria is different from Egypt. Egyptian MB has been connected to society, unlike you who have been away for decades.

Everyone is aware of your position on the regime before the revolution, you had suspended your opposition to it till days before the start of the revolution. Those who were groveling to the regime cannot hand out patriotism labels to anyone.

Everyone is aware how you formed provisional councils and tens of LCCs and groups and forms in different colours but at the end they were all part of one group. We also know how millions of dollars worth of donations and grants from countries and individual, meant for the Syrian people, were distributed and to whom.

Everyone accepts you but according to your real presence and just like any other opposition force, and as a partner that knows its limits in the political process and the national project that includes everyone without any discrimination, marginalization, exclusion.We would like to affirm to you that the government of Ghassan Hitto will not see the light due to the way he was chosen .. etc.

Source: syriafreedomforever

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