CYPRUS: “Neither the haircut, nor the hairdresser” – a text by cypriot anarchists regarding recent events on the island.


The haircut of bank savings and the other memorandum measures forthcoming
cannot be explained through the prism of a good or a bad management of the
economy. After all, only a week ago, the government of this place was in the hands
of the left-wing AKEL, which accepted and pushed through memorandum laws
without even having agreed on the final memorandum – and of course, without
ever receiving any money from the much-hyped loan. The vast disappointment
of the people for the financial decay was shown in the last elections with
the bringing about to power of DISY.

The socialisation of the damages at the expense of the small savers should not
come as any surprise. The neoliberal logic demands the nullification of social
achievements [in the sense of previous social/labour victories –– trans.]
the privatisation of public wealth and capital’s compensation for its damages
to be paid by the workers, at any give moment.

It was very quickly proven that Anastasiadis [trans: the Cypriot president] was
unable to stand by his pre-electoral pledges and to convince the neoliberal
“friends of his” in Europe to support the policies he himself had announced.
[Outside] support for the local elites that Anastasiadis was hoping for crashed
against the interests of the stronger, supra-national elites which aimed at gaining
from the domestic wealth. The haircut of all savings was a desperate pledge by
the government to limit the losses of domestic capital, whose interests it represents.

In the period ahead, the state will utilise a number of strategies to attempt to absorb
the social shock: it will pledge national interests and the prospect of natural gas
–– and for those who won’t buy neither, it will deploy brutal repression in the name
of law and order.

As observed at the first few gatherings against the proposed law for the savings’
haircut, reaction to it come from across the entire political spectrum. We, as part
of the wider anti-authoritarian space, do not consider any authority to be able
to manage our lives. We do not de facto align ourselves with anyone who articulates
an anti-memorandum discourse, nor do we believe that there can be any socially
just solution under the current capitalist system. Today’s systemic crisis is for us
yet another field of action for the development of a social movement of subversion.
And we will therefore cooperate with all who share this perspective.

Crouch of the disorderly

comrades from the anarchist/ anti-authoritarian space

Nicosia, March 19 2013

The text above was distributed in Nicosia during the protest gathering outside
the cypriot parliament

Greek original

French translation:

Source: Occupied London

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