EGYPT: Like the Sea

Social revolution is like the sea. Its waves chase one another, crash against the obstacles they encounter, crushing them or backing down. With all the violence of an indomitable rush, they destroy, blow after blow any trace of power, of exploitation and oppression. A first wave, immense and unexpected, swept away the dictatorship of Murabak. A second one put the army that was about to take over power on its knees. A third one is rising today against the new order that the islamists are trying to impose.

The real revolutionary storm does not obey any party, any boss, any power. On the contrary, these are its irreconcilable enemies. They will be swept away as the storm intensifies. Between the social revolution that will subvert any relation based on exploitation and power and the impostors, the bosses, the masters, the political parties, the capitalist and the authoritarians of any shade, there cannot be anything other than struggle til the bitter end. Because freedom and the end of exploitation, imply the destruction of capitalism and of any power.

It is not surprising though that those aspiring to power try to ride the revolutionary wave that is crashing through the land of the Nile; it is not surprising that the new leaders try to impose themselves through lies and deception, aided by the media and by the local governments who talk about the “opposition”; it is not surprising that the authentic revolutionary rush cannot be translated into any party program, into any referendum, into any flag or that it is not recognized by any stronghold of power around the world. Certainly those who are fighting today in Egypt against the current power do not make up a homogeneous bloc, just as not everyone aspires to real social revolution.

The ongoing struggles are crossed by thousands of contradictions: between those in opposition who demand for a constituent assembly without an overwhelming islamist influence and those who do not see any salvation in parliamentary democracy; from those who are fighting for wage increases and improved work conditions to those who want to do away with all the bosses; from those who struggle without ever putting into question their prejudices, the dominant morals, the traditions which have brought thousands of years of oppression to those who struggle in the same way against the suffocating power of the state and against the suffocating weight of patriarchy in one battle; from those who wave the national flag to those who tie their own struggle with the one of the exploited from any latitude… Perhaps it’s exactly here where the revolutionary strength of the current revolution in Egypt is found: beyond all contradictions, it is born in the guts of the exploited and the oppressed. It is here that we can find real struggle.

What is happening in Egypt can find echoes everywhere in the world where people are struggling. While for years the islamists of any tendency have presented themselves as social fighters in front of millions of people around the world, perhaps their mask will now fall in Egypt, as it is now happening in other countries (for example in the south of Tunisia). The social revolution in Egypt will be the tomb of the islamists and religious reactionaries that are disguised themselves as struggling for alleged social emancipation.

At the basis of international revolutionary solidarity there is one’s own recognition in the battles that are unleashed elsewhere. Remaining spectators of the insurrectional surges in Egypt can only contribute to its isolation and its suppression. To sustain and reinforce the real revolutionary surges over there, those who want to end with any exploitation and dominion, we need to act. Joining the fray armed with the idea of freedom, the real one.

We think, therefore, that it is appropriate to make a call out to pass to the attack, to support, where we stand, with our ideas and our means the current revolutionary wave in Egypt. If in Cairo, Alexandria, Malhalla, etc. thousands of people are jumping into the fray because they aspire to a new world, let’s make sure that every representative of the Egyptian state and capital everywhere in the world finds this conflict brought to their front door. That every statist, capitalist and servant of the world-order feels on their necks the breath of the social revolution.

Let’s sow the bonds of action among the insurrectional hotbeds in the whole world!
For the destruction of all power!

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