MOLDOVA/ROMANIA: The statement of an young anarchist group from Moldova

[machine translation from Russian]

On December 1, 2012 nationalist and fascist organizations in Romania and Moldova: “Civil Action Platform 2012” “” New Right “,” Legionnaires “,” Iron Guard “,” National Liberal Party of Moldova hold a “March of Union” in  Alba Iulia (Romania) and Chisinau (Moldova).

Current political elite in Romania and Moldova tries to flirt with Romanian national idea. They want to distract people from the two countries on issues important to each. Speculating on the confrontation between us, they implement a policy of “divide and rule”. They require our enemy stereotype: Moldova – that all Romanians – Moldovan people are enemies, and only waiting the right moment to deny the identity of the Moldovan people, in Romania, – that all Russian speakers (so-called Russian speakers: Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarian găgăuji, Armenian and Hebrew) in Moldova are a threat to the Romanian state to prevent the union of two Romanian states.

These problems are focused television, radio and newspapers. Is it so important these issues for people living on both Prut partial?

Social justice issues are resolved? Are fed poor? Equipped homeless? Do all workers have a job stable? Do people in Moldova and Romania have been stopped from leaving the country seeking a better life? No! National authorities do not solve any of the social problems. Instead the company successfully manage electoral using nationalist ideas.

Workers and peasants, doctors and teachers, drivers and programmers from different countries should not fight each other. Our enemies – those who use our problems in their business, how much greater are our problems, the greater its profits.

We, the anarchists, we want to remind people that no Romanian or Moldovan people are not enemies to each other. And right and left Prut people live. Deaceiaşi encourage you to firmly say NO! – Warfare between nations! NO – peace between classes!


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