Statement by Iraqi, Palestinians and other Arab intellectuals Condemning Iraqi government’s hypocrisy on Palestinian prisoners

November 28, 2012

An invitation from the League of Arab States : We are pleased to invite you to attend “The International Conference of Solidarity with the Palestinian & Arab Prisoners in Israeli Jails”, sponsored by the League of Arab States and hosted by the Republic of Iraq, which will be held on 11 & 12 of December 2012 in Baghdad.

The Arab League has recently invited a number of Arab and foreign personalities to attend an international conference on Palestinian and other Arab prisoners and detainees in Israeli jails. The Arab league has announced that the conference will be opened in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, on 11 December 2012, by the “President Jalal Talabani, his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas and the Secretary General of the Arab League Nabil Al-Arabi and that the “themes of the conference will address the status of Palestinian and other Arabs prisoners and detainees according to international law, the state of Israeli prisons and courts, and the inhumane conditions of prisoners”.

We, the undersigned, call for the boycott of this conference, and reject the use of the plight of Palestinian and other Arab prisoners and detainees in Israeli jails as a means to whitewash the system of the Dawa Party in Iraq, headed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. It is well known by now that Iraq, under the regime of al-Maliki, occupies one of the highest positions, internationally, on the scale of corruption, repression and violation of human rights, most notably horrendous mass arrests, torture and executions. Hardly a month goes by without one of the known international human rights organizations condemning covert and overt crimes committed against Iraqi prisoners, citing examples and details. They signal that the regime uses “Article 4 on terrorism” as a pretext to arrest journalists, activists and intimidate intellectuals, while also using billions of oil revenue dollars to buy off supporters and the media.

If we assume that the invitees are convinced that the plight of the Palestinian take priority over the Iraqi tragedy, and that pragmatism is needed to confront the Zionist regime; and if we accept the perspective of dealing with issues piecemeal, we ask here: what about the plight of the Palestinians in Iraq? What is the position of the Arab League and the Palestinian Authority on the displacement, disappearance, detention and torture of Palestinians in Iraq since the occupation in 2003 and until today? How can we justify silence on the criminalization of Palestinians and the forcing them to live the Nakba for the second and third time? Will those members of international organizations of human rights attending the conference address how the Maliki government treats the 462 detainees from Arab countries held in the Dawa Party detention centres including 40 Palestinian prisoners arrested on charges of “terrorism”, without access to defence lawyers or a fair trial? Will guests talk about the fate of the 22 Palestinians who fled Iraq, ended up in a boat with a group of refugees sailing from Indonesia towards the Australian coast then went missing after midnight 29/06/2012? Will the invitees to the conference be briefed on the campaign of eradicating Palestinian presence in Iraq, even those who were born in Baghdad, who grew up there, studied and were married there?

The list of Palestinian martyrs, disappeared and prisoners in the “new Iraq” is long. To this should be added the suffering of Palestinian families in the camps, after forcibly being displaced from their homes and places of work and their children’s schools, and subjected to repeated attacks, raids and sectarian insults. What about the number of Palestinian detainees paraded as terrorists on the 16th May 2012 in the official Iraqia TV program, “Watchful eyes”?

The crimes of the Zionist state against the Palestinian people, specifically with regard to prisoners and detainees, can be compared with similar crimes of the regime in the “new Iraq” towards the same people. They show a glaring similarity. Not a day goes by without citizens, whether women, men or children, being detained on charges of terrorism and violence. Not a day goes by without citizens disappearing with no one knowing their fate or where they are detained. There are also hundreds of citizens, including women, awaiting execution, without their names declared let alone the charges against them or the names of their lawyers and their judges.

We as Iraqi, Palestinian, and other Arab intellectuals hail the courage of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, the steadfast men and women and boys grown up prematurely, who retained their freedom of conscience and souls. They leave indelible marks for human dignity through their hungers strikes and other actions. And we know full well that these prisoners do not deserve that their noble cause is being used in a conference that only contributes to the covering up of the terrorist acts of the Iraqi regime against its own citizens and their Palestinian brethren.


1. Haifa Zangana (Iraqi writer and activist)
2. Huzama Habayeb (Palestinian novelist)
3. Samah Idriss (Editor of Al-Adab Magazine-Lebanon)
4. Izzat AlQemhawi (novelist – Egypt)
5. Laila Abou-Zeid (novelist-Morocco)
6. Ibrahim Nasrallah (Palestinian poet and novelist)
7. Zulekha Abouricha (poet and human rights activist – Jordan)
8. Dr. Fayez Abu Shamala (Palestinian prisoners recently released from Israeli jails)
9. Ghalia Kabbani (writer and activist from Syria)
10. Musa Hawamdeh (Palestinian poet)
11. Abdullatif Laabi (writer from Morocco)
12. Farouk Valley (Palestinian critic and novelist)
13. Mahmoud Said (Iraqi novelist)
14. Saqr Abu Fakhr (Palestinian writer and researcher)
15. Muayad Dawood Bassam (Iraqi critic and an artist)
16. Ayman al-Ghazali (Syrian writer and publisher)
17. Salam Musafer (Iraqi writer and journalist)
18. Lina Abu Bakr (editor in chief of the Electronic newspaper Asrana -“our prisoners”)
19. Farouk Yousuf (Iraqi writer and art critic)
20. Abdulhadi al-Rawi (Iraqi filmmaker)
21. Fayha Abdul Hadi (Palestinian poet and writer)
22. Ali Sudani (Iraqi writer)
23. Jassim Al-Raseaf (Iraqi novelist)
24. Habib Muhammad Taqi (Iraqi poet)
25. Rizk Faraj Rizk (Libyan writer and journalist)
26. Dr. Tariq Ismail (professor of political science at the University of Calgary, Canada)
27. Dr. Dora Atairi (Tunisian Professor at the University of Brighton, UK)
28. Dr. Makram Khoury – Makhoul (professor at the University of Cambridge-UK)
29. Dr. Maysoon Sukkarya (university professor- Lebanon)
30. Dr. Sawsan Al-Assaf (Iraqi Academic Political Sciences)
31. Dr. Imad Khadduri (Iraqi Nuclear Scientist)
32. Dr. Saad Naji Jawad (Iraqi academic- political Sciences)
33. Mundher Al-Adhami (Iraqi Academic- Education)
34. Dr. Mahmoud Al-Hamza (Academic Syrian)
35. Dr. Sana Al Khayat (Iraqi Academic- Social sciences),
36. Mahmoud al-Bayati (Iraqi novelist), Dr Abdul Sattar al-Rawi (Iraqi academic)
37. Dr Abdul Sattar al-Rawi (Iraqi academic)
38. Dr. Suad Kahary (Iraqi writer)
39. Munther Bader Halloum (Syrian academic and novelist)
40. Lamis Andoni (media),
41. Ahmed Hakki, (president of Rafidain Rivers Center for Strategic Studies in Istanbul)
42. Dr. Saad Al Jader, ( Iraqi architect-researcher)
43. Intisar Abadi, (Iraqi activist)
44. Sabah Mukhtar, (Chairman of the Arab Lawyers Association – London)
45. Dr. Yasmin Jawad al-Turaihi, ( Iraqi researcher at the Arab women’s issues)
45. Mohammed Abu Russ, ( Palestinan engineer-President of the Arab-Austrian Cultural Centre –Vienna)
46. Imad Qrbaah (Tunisia, Vienna)
47. Sorour Mirza Mahmud (Iraqi Researcher)
48. Dr. Maadh Ahmed Hassan (Academic Iraq – Anbar University)
50. Dr. Abdul Hamid al-Ani (Iraqi writer and academic)
51. Eyad Abdul Rahman, Berlin
52. Dr. Hussein Hassoun, Jordanian doctor
53. Dr. Mahmoud Khaled Musafer, Iraqi academic
54. Mohammed al-Jumaili, Iraqi media
55. Jamal Mohammed Taqi, Iraqi writer
56. Naji Haraj (human rights activist-Geneva)
57. Dr. Souad Al-Azzawi (Iraq Associate Professor)
58. Mohammad Nassif (Iraqi poet and journalist)
59. Dr. Nayef Jrad ( Palestinian academic)
60. Dr Faisal Abdul-Razzaq Ismail ( Academic)


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