SPAIN: Campaign – Health Service Universal For Our Health Service, For Your Health, For All.

Articles 41 and 43 of the Spanish Constitution recognizes as part of fundamental rights, the right to health protection, and state that the government “maintain a public Social Security for all citizens guaranteeing the adequate social assistance and benefits in situations of need, especially in case of unemployment. “

Royal Decree-Law 16/2012, of 20 April, on urgent measures to ensure the sustainability of the NHS and improve the quality and safety of their services is created, in theory and according to the government, by the absence of common rules on insurance in Mexico, uneven growth performance, lack of coordination, lack of discipline and efficiency in the NHS.

Real Democracy Now! is directly contrary to this Royal Decree, which entered into force on September 1, being not only discriminatory and unjust, but also be economically inefficient.
The RD preamble mentions that “The structural data and the most significant figures of public health expenditures show that public health can not ignore any longer a situation clearly inconsistent with essential sustainability and at the same time, has led to serious adverse consequences for employment and the viability of the business sectors that are associated with it. “

Under this pretext, this Royal Decree amending insured status, leaving no man’s land to certain groups of people who are homeless: immigrants, free professionals, people who have failed their first job, etc..
Involves the transformation of a universal, social and just one in which citizens will be treated in terms of what they pay, in which people have to justify us, according to their criteria demonstrating that we are “worthy” of attention health, although the National Health pays not with Social Security contributions, but the total of all taxes, ie directly through the State Budget.

This boosts private healthcare reform, and accompanies the neoliberal discourse that argues that private management is always more effective. However, the National Health System (NHS) is the greatest achievement of the Spanish welfare state and public service best rated, most effective and social than their EU neighbors, spending less (9% of GDP compared to 11.2% in France and 10.7% in Switzerland, for example, in 2008). The coincidence of government members, or their family members, on the boards of private companies in the health sector, we suspect that they are putting their own interests to the health and welfare of the general population.

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from: Democracia Real YA

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