Dissolve the Palestinian Authority – Manifesto

from: Dissolve the Palestinian Authority
Palestinians join with the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, and Algeria in demanding the ouster of its Western Puppets and Strongmen, the Palestinian Authority.
The Palestinians will no longer tolerate an illegitimate leadership that kills, oppresses and imprisons its people. The Palestine Papers have exposed the Palestinian Authority’s eager willingness to sacrifice Palestinian refugees, citizens of Gaza and voices of opposition to maintain political and economic control over the Palestinian people.Abbas, your presidency has long since expired. It’s time for you and your cronies to GET OUT.


“One transcript from a meeting in 2008 quoted a Palestinian security chief asking a senior Israeli military official for more tear gas canisters to help put down demonstrations in the West Bank. Another document from a meeting in Tel Aviv in 2005 shows an exchange between Israeli and Palestinian officials on a plan to kill the Gaza militant Hassan al Madhoun. “Why don’t you kill him?” Shaul Mofaz, the then-Israeli defence minister, asked Nasser Youssef, the Palestinian interior minister at the time. “We gave instructions to Rasheed and will see,” Mr Youssef replied, referring to a senior Palestinian security official in Gaza.”

‘Saeb Erekat, the PA’s chief negotiator, boasted of this collaboration in a meeting with Obama’s deputy Middle East envoy David Hale in September of 2009. “We have had to kill Palestinians to establish one authority, one gun and the rule of law.” ‘

“It is now much clearer to Palestinians that they are living in a prison and that the PA leaders are there only to negotiate the terms of our imprisonment,” he said.


“On January 15, 2010, Erekat told US diplomat David Hale that the Palestinians offered Israel the return of “a symbolic number” of refugees…Erekat said, ‘I never said the Diaspora will vote. It’s not going to happen. The referendum will be for Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Can’t do it in Lebanon. Can’t do it in Jordan.'”


“Ahmed Qurei, the former Palestinian Authority prime minister, asked Tzipi Livni, the former Israeli foreign minister, if Israel could re-occupy the Philadephi corridor to seal the border and cut off supplies to [Gaza].”


“If there were any lingering doubts concerning the status and integrity of the Palestinian National Authority — and its so-called President, Mahmoud Abbas (“so-called” because his term of office, such as it was, expired almost a year ago) — they were surely dispelled once and for all by its decision to drop its support for a UN resolution that would have referred the Goldstone Report on Israel’s post-Christmas 2008 attack on Gaza to the UN Security Council.”

“What The Palestine Papers demonstrate is that, in the weeks preceding the vote, the United States apparently urged the PA to stall the report as a means of restarting negotiations with Israel.”


“For many on the street, the move by the Palestinian government is seen as an attempt to corner Hamas in Gaza and show how undemocratic it is. Others see it as a cover-up for the Palestinian papers, published by Al Jazeera, that exposed the Palestinian negotiation team for being too willing to compromise with Israel. The elections are thus seen by some as a possible ploy to divert attention of the public from that media spectacle.
Of course there is another theory: that it might be an attempt by the PA to appear democratic in response to changes in the region, a tactic that many Arab leaders have been pursuing since the spark of revolution that started in Tunisia and spread to Egypt. If the local voting goes forward as originally planned, it would be the first trip to the polls since 2006.”


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